Friday, January 07, 2011

Nice things

This is what I like to do when I became too depressed or when it's too much to bear. I look at nice and pretty things. Googling for images can be very therapeutic. Browsing through resort websites is also calming. Everytime I did that I'd imagine I'm on holiday even if I was in the middle of a long and boring meeting. Another escapism, I guess.

Nice pasta - takde kaitan dengan blog entry
This pasta is sold at Restoran Makan-makan in Puchong. However, it has been improvised to suit the Malaysian tastebuds, I think sebab ada cili padi. 

Cute baby girl - my cucu sedara. She calls me Wan Dayang. Hahahaha.
I am so old, I already have a granddaughter. This is the daughter of one of my nieces. The mother is now 7 months preggers, so I'll have 2 cucu soon. 

Cute cupcakes - done by Shaz for my nephew's engagement. 
 I hardly have time to update my blog, let alone bake and decorate cupcakes. So, I ordered these cuties from Shaz, my ex-officemate who is now a full time businesswoman. I chose the cutest design I could find on Shaz's blog. Usually people prefers to have big, grand roses (or some other beautiful flower) as the cuppies' deco, but I like small, wild flowers. 

Okay, now let's focus on this long meeting. Done with my short escape. Hehehe.

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