Friday, January 14, 2011


I think my life is being robbed. I can only go to gym on Fridays - during lunch hour. So that means I can only work out once a week now. Too bad. 
What's even worse is that now I have to attend way too many meetings. They're really long, boring and unproductive. Usually if I were to call for meetings, I'd limit them to 60minutes. Well, my mind can only digest things I focus on for 20 minutes, the rest of the 40 minutes will be healthy arguments. So, imagine how screw up my mind would be if I were to be in a 4 hour meeting!

My 2010 diary and my mango for tea break
2010 had been very busy. I bought a diary and only started writing in July. Up till today, only 20 pages used. So, I'm not buying any diary this year. I'll just write my meeting notes in this same diary or my iPhone Notes. Well, despite spending hours in the boardroom this diary is still not really filled up, that's how unproductive it has been. 
I spent most of the time waiting for discussions related to things that don't concern me but I was not allowed to go out and do my own things. During some of the meetings, I even ended up Tweeting and playing games on my phone. That's bad, I know. But don't expect me to participate in things I don't know the head and tails. 
As I'm writing this, I'm waiting for the office hour to end because another meeting is supposed to start after 5pm. Imagine how many families/hubbies/wifeys/children will be cursing if the meeting doesn't conclude by 7pm. 

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