Sunday, January 23, 2011

Post training blog post

Last week I went to a leadership course that felt more like a bootcamp ala commando training. On my first day, I was questioning myself why did I decided to voluntarily attend it. It was the toughest training I have ever attended.
We started at 8.25am and ended at 7.30pm at the earliest. On the 4th day we ended at 11.40pm when the last group left the room (well, my group finished only one hour earlier). The schedule was so packed that we never spent more than 10 minutes for coffee breaks. I haven't been that disciplined for a long time. I set out at 6.55am every morning to drive Zarif to the Daycare and make sure I arrive at the Hotel where the training was held before 7.45am. The last time I arrived that early at the office was when my ex boss called for 8 am meetings. That was like a few centuries ago.
However, it was a damn good course. I've been to a few other leadership courses but this one was the most challenging one. There were lectures, course works, case study, daily exam and finally a group work that we have to complete. It's a certification course, so all the assignment and exams' marks really mattered to each participants.
I dare say it was a huge success. Besides completing and passing the certification, I could feel that I am looking at the world and myself differently now. I feel less troubled and stressed even when I had to handle a big problem at one of the customers this weekend.
Yes, I haven't had the chance to take a good rest after the course ended but I didn't feel tired and cranky on Saturday morning like I usually did. Until this minute and hour I still feel fully charged and surprisingly looking forward to Monday morning. Ok let's hope there'll be no more Monday blues posting from now on.
So now I'll need to keep this momentum going because it's going to take a lot of energy and hard work from me for 2011. I'm also looking forward to our company kick off next week with high hopes that some incentives will be announced, hehe...

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