Friday, January 28, 2011


So, Zarif has had asthma attacks twice. Once in November, during Raya Haji and the second time was two days ago. He's active as always, so I only realized he's asthmatic when he couldn't sleep at night and wheezing. I almost miss it the first time. I thought it was just mild fever and continuous coughing. Then my sister in law noticed his rapid breathing.

Shawqi and Wazif has history too. When they were about 1 year old they had it. Both cases were not serious. Zarif's first case was also mild. However this time the ER doctor actually advised to have him admitted for closer monitoring and more frequent neb. Zarif hates the nebuliser. When he sees it he would scream and start kicking and struggling.

I decided not to have him admitted as I couldn't imagine having to hold him when the nurse starts neb. This morning at the clinic, there were three people: me, the nurse and the doctor who had to hold him so that he sit still. He was crying throughout the 15 minutes of getting neb. Another nurse offered him candy and chocolate biscuits but he threw them away.
I think he's also started to developed some kind of phobia whenever he saw the nurse approached him with the misty neb.

After getting neb he would sleep longer than usual. I couldn't hear him wheezing. However he has two more neb sessions because the doctor told me that it's quite serious. After last night's neb sessions he slept well until about 4.30a.m. He tossed around, crying, breathing rapidly and was wheezing again.
The truth is asthma runs in my family. Three of my brothers had it when they're young. I consider myself lucky I was spared, but I have gastritis.

My most serious case was when I was in Form 4. It was so bad, I couldn't even climb the staircases to the library. After just a flight of stairs, I'd be breathless, panting and struggling for air. I had severe heart burn and sometimes even my back hurt.I went to see a doctor in Triang and he told me that it was stomach ulcer. A few weeks later I went to get a second opinion from a doctor in JB and she asked me whether scoping was done by the other doctor to prove that it was indeed ulcer. Since he didn't, it remained non-conclusive. So, whenever people asked why I was not eating oily and spicy stuffs, I just told them that I had very bad stomach problem.

Ok back to the asthma story, the doctor I saw this morning gave a few advices on how to prevent asthma attacks. She told me that usually toddlers will be less sensitive to dust, cold or germs once they reached 2 years of age. Zarif is now almost 1.5 years old. Have to take extra precaution for the next 6 months. If he's sick and couldn't sleep, the rest of the household will be wide awake. 

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