Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Zarif is 17 months

On 25th Jan, Zarif turned 17 months (I hope I'll live long enough to write about his 17th birthday, insyaallah). That week he was not really well, he had asthma attack. We've heard stories from our mothers/grandmothers that small kids would be sick on the week of their birthdate. I found some truth in this after monitoring my kids when they're less than 3 years old. Every month Zarif would either have cough, flu or fever around the 25th. 

Me and my daddy's iPad (which I conquer all the time).

Well, when I was pregnant with him, my gynae prescribed Neuro Gain. She told me the baby will be very clever and won't have to spend too much time studying for exams (like how we did when we're at school/uni. LOL). The gynae was right! Zarif can play games on the iPad, switch between applications, change settings, unlock and do so many other things on that tablet which I never taught him. Actually he's the one who showed us the shortcut to iPod on a locked iPad. Hehe. 

My favorite membotol place - on the sofa in front of the TV.
He's taking solid food now but would still ask for milk like 6 times a day. He still wakes up at around 4a.m screaming to be fed. 

I love buses. I'm looking at one now. 
 He's so fascinated with lorries and buses. When he sees either one he would scream 'BAAAAAS!!!!' When he sees a car, he'd say 'CAR!' According to his paediatrician, once they reach 18 months it's normal for toddlers to be able to say single syllable words. So far Zarif is progressing well, I think because he can do it already.  'kucing' will be 'CHING', 'makan' will be 'MAM', 'abang' will be 'BANG'.
Then there's one word he can pronounce in 2 syllables, that is 'DAHSYAT!'; he pronounces it as 'DACAT!'. Obviously he likes to watch Raja Lawak 5 on ASTRO.

I was so tiny back then. 
Whenever I snap his picture I will always look at this very first picture of him I took at the hospital. He was only a few hours old when this picture was taken. Alhamdulillah, he's grown bigger now and I pray he'll be healthy and have a happy childhood. 

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eyna said...

such a brilliant little boy... and handsome pulak tuuu...

my gynae tak prescribed me on NG pun.. ke i yg lupa.. hehehe