Saturday, February 19, 2011

I love compact cars

If I have the money, I would buy this Ford Fiesta and Honda Jazz Concept M.

One of my colleagues just bought this car. I saw it today and I think it's super cool. It suits city driving as it's sporty and equipped with all the necessary safety features. And OTR price is less than 83K!
I think I should go for a test drive one of these days so that I could write a review on this sexy babe.
My Stream has become the official family car. So everyday it ferries 7 people here and there. 

Sometimes I just wish that I still have my Jazz, easier to cilok-cilok especially in KL area. Though a bit pricey but it's really reliable and easy to handle.

But then, if I really have the money, where am I going to park them? I live in an intermediate terrace house and the driveway can only fit our existing sedan cars. *sigh*

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