Sunday, February 27, 2011

Keep swimming... keep swimming...

We go to the Putrajaya Public Pool at least once a month. We bring beach ball and floats.

The beach ball and us.
After like three years, Shawqi and I still can't swim. Only Wazif and Mr. Hubby know how to swim properly. I can float and move in the water a bit, but not swim.

Sesi berendam, harap-harap boleh mengecutkan lemak.
The truth is, I don't have water confidence. I'm not sure why. I can float quite easily, maybe because of the amount of fat I carry under my skin. This year, I need to overcome my fear of water.

Juara menggigil sedunia.
And so does Shawqi. He's been to one of the basic swimming classes but until today, he's not confident enough to swim. That's why we always bring the floats.

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