Monday, March 28, 2011

Good news and bad news

The good news is I've received my 2010 incentives as well as increment. Not 10 months bonus like some lucky people get, but enough to settle most of my credit card debt. Hehe.

The bad news, two people I know from work were diagnosed with cancer last week. I was shocked to learn about the first guy and was even more shocked when a friend told me about the other.

It's a nasty disease, I know..... but none of us have any idea on how to prevent it. In most of the cases I've read about, it's not easy to detect as it will go unnoticed for years.

My schoolmate, Yus was telling us about her tumor during our reunion two weekends ago. She went for her annual medical check-up and Doctor found the tumor. She was not experiencing any pain or discomfort on her chest area but after the check-up, Doctor confirmed it's a tumor and it was already 10cm in diameter when it's discovered. She had to undergo a major operation followed by 30 sessions of radiotherapy and was lucky enough because the tumor was not cancerous.

What else can we do besides going for annual medical check-up?
Don't smoke
Stay away from smokers
Eat healthily - choose quality food
Exercise regularly
Monitor stress level
Stay away from people who can give you unnecessary stress
Learn to relax and breathe
.... and many more, I guess.

So, in 2011 for those who have not decided on any resolution (like me) then perhaps this should be it. Living healthier and happier. And continue on searching for the purpose of life.

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