Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It has been 20 years

Some of the pictures I copied from the reunion's slide show:

L-R: Fira, Syama, Nik, Sue and Eyda

Groupie NKOTB Hahahahaha. L-R: Yus, Marine, Syama, Muly

Dining hall. Makan dalam tray plastic.
Kat Lab pun boleh posing lagi diorang ni.

Kelab kompang. Pak pak pungggg..!!

Enche' & Paie buat kelakar le ni. Masa Fun-Day.

Dinner hasil duit yang dikutip masa Fun-Day.

Aktivity round compound plus cam whoring.

Ini kelas saya, 1(1) tahun 1987.

This is me! minus 20 years and 25kg.

We had our 20 years reunion last Saturday. It was a hi tea and dinner event because we figured out having one meal will not be enough for us. Even that event was extended until breakfast the next day, for those who were staying in the hotel for the night. I must say it was a very successful reunion and congratulations to the organizing committee. As per Spena's posting in our Group, it all started during one of the lepak sessions at Ajune's place. The idea to have a big reunion had been discussed many times. We only managed to organize a mini reunion in 1997, I think at Sunway Resort and Hotel. It was just a short dinner, no speech, no games, not many things on the agenda.It was just eating and gossiping.

So, last weekend's event was more organized, although I was told that the time spent planning and making arrangement were only a few days, with only two meetings. It went so well and everyone present was happy. This time, some of us had to spend some time or asked around to remember a few faces. None of us actually changed much but it's been 20 years, we blamed ageing brains for forgetting some of the names.Hehe...

Pictures from the dinner have been uploaded to FB but I'm patiently waiting for the copies from our professional photographer to be put here. Until then, be patient with the current internet speed, y'all. It will take time to fix.


chics said...

Bestnya! And looking at the photos can't help feeling gooey inside sebab nampak dining hall and taman jepun bagai

Superfluous_Babe said...

kak dayang ....
hot nyeeee zaman skolah!!!
dulu2, kite slalu admire akak2 form V sbb semua nmpak cun. tiba time kite form V, ya ampuunnnn selebet & comot nye lahaaaiii.


best kan dpt gather2 like that.

D.N.A.S said...

Macam rasa nak kembali ke zaman sekolah balik je, kan? Tak yah nak gaduh2 kat boardroom macam sekarang.