Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordy Wednesday - I'm not taking my meds starting today because I can't stand the side effects

I was complaining to my hubby about the side effects I'm getting after I started taking my hypertension meds. He asked whether I'm pregnant. Huh? I told him No. I'm so sure I'm not pregnant and even if I am, I won't have those symptoms. All my pregnancies were rather smooth - no vomiting, no mood swings, no weird cravings etc.

Starting today I decided not to take the hypertension meds.

Furthermore, I'll be doing project deployments this week - less meeting room sessions. So, by right the pressure will be less. I got this feeling that my blood pressure is higher because of the long meetings. I can only focus for 20 minutes. If I had to endure a 3 hour meeting, I'll be in a very depressing state because I have to force myself to focus and look interested in the discussions (that are usually long winding and off topic). So, doing project deployment activities bring calmness to me. It's hectic, but I'll get to stay focused and motivated. Long, boring, unproductive meetings can kill people - trust me.

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