Monday, June 20, 2011

Zarif is 21 months

On 25th May, Zarif turned 21 months. Three more months and he'll be 2 years old. In terms of social skill, he seems sociable but takes quite some time to get familiar and feel comfortable with people. He's now more attached to his father, will always cry when he goes out without him. 

At Aniq's wedding on 11th June 2011
Among his favorite food now are roti canai, nasi himpit, nasi with ayam goreng, choco bun and keropok lekor. He now eats using his own hands, he refused to be spoon fed most of the times. He's getting more and more independent and only calls me when he needs milk. 

Zarif was avoiding people from getting near him.
His vocabulary is also growing at an impressive rate. He can now understand complex instructions like, go to the kitchen, take drinks from the fridge and then give it to ayah. Among his favorite words are kedai, tutup, jatuh, sakit and rumah. He also likes to repeat words he hear from the TV and radio. Wazif now likes to play my Bruno Mars CD and a few nights ago, I heard Zarif repeating the words from 'Marry You' especially the last words from the sentences. 

Watching YouTube on iPad and he requires no assistance
His obsessions now are cars, trucks, lorries and buses. He can watch videos of trucks and buses on YouTube for hours. In a way, the iPad and internet TV are now conquered by him most of the time. He's also been fighting with his two brothers more often. Last week, he was fighting with Wazif and Wazif ended up crying. 
So, two more years and he'll start kindergarten? *Sigh*

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