Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scary movies

On this peaceful Sunday afternoon, I just wanna tell all Malaysian movie producers to stop making scary movies. They're just so the 90s. It's 2011, please make movies with better qualities and focus on making Malaysian movies that really represent the country. What do foreign people get whenever they watch Malaysian movies, I wonder. I never went to watch any of the ghost/scary movies in the cinema. They're just degrading the minds.
I pity the script writers who had to come up with ideas for ghost stories. How many ghosts can you create? How scary can the scenes be? Don't they feel that in a way, it's rather irresponsible to the society? Do you want our younger generation to feel that the country is filled with ghosts? Do you realize that young children now have started to fear ghosts more than God?
I am still hoping to watch good Malaysian movies. It's been a while since I saw Malaysian movies that were both enjoyable and left a feeling deep inside me long after I left the cinema seat. Perhaps our movie producers listen to the market too much, focusing only on making films of the famous genre. What happened to making art? Real art?
CGI can be considered as a tool to enhance art, but too much CGI can be just as disgusting as putting on too much make up on an old whore's face. A successful CGI application in a movie won't make a great movie - there's still the acting part that the audience and critics want to enjoy. I have nothing against CGI; it should be applied in more movies - to compliment the acting and the storyline - not to monopoly the whole movie. Produce an animation if you are too in love with CGI, will you?

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