Friday, July 08, 2011

Rumah bersih

Now that my timeline has been flooded with people complaining about the government and opposition regarding this Bersih rally, I couldn't find anything more interesting than this topic.
Well, I fired my maid in early 2010, so I have been getting cleaning services from a Malay lady who was recommended by a friend. She's been coming to the house twice a month to do cleaning. I only paid her RM60 per visit. Her scope of work only covers cleaning. No laundry, no cooking, no gardening.
There were a few times, she brought her helpers to do the cleaning and every time I came home (she cleaned in the morning, while I was in the office) I'd be complaining. Her helpers are all Indonesian ladies who have other jobs such as working at restaurants, or part time maids. These ladies were so hopeless, they didn't even throw away the rubbish from the kitchen. A few of them have cleaned my house, and I was dissatisfied each time.
Since I complained too often,  the Malay lady had no choice but to clean my house herself.
But now, she asked me to pay her on monthly basis and she'll come to clean four times a month. I said yes.
Ok, now back to that Bersih rally. Now why would you want to join this rally? Do you understand the whole motives behind it? Do you know what you are fighting for? Have you asked your parents whether they mind you getting involved (for those below 21, please get your parents' consent!). If you are below 21, why should you be so kepochi because you're not even eligible to vote yet.
And if you're above 21, go and get yourselves registered as voters and vote in the next PRU. I'm just so sick of reading the bullshit posted by people who doesn't understand a thing about it and never even bother to check what 'demokrasi berparlimen' is all about.

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