Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I found this

We are having our Srikandi dinner later this year and there was an email from Madam President asking for door gift sponsorship. Frankly speaking, I've ran out of ideas for door gift for any occasion. So, I googled for gifts and giveaways and found this Amsterdam printing tradeshow giveaways which is like a one stop shop for all kinds of giveaways.
I found it cool, as there are so many choices available and they are things I'd love to receive whenever I attend events. My favorite has to be water bottles. Hey, I have 2 school going sons. They keep on losing their water bottles at school. We usually had to buy 2 or 3 water bottles for them each semester.
So, I'm going to go through every item on this website and decide on one or two that might be suitable for our next corporate event. My company is also going to celebrate our 30th anniversary soon. I hope they'll get some ideas from Amsterdamprinting.

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