Friday, July 29, 2011

LFC Asia Tour 2011 - memories

Mr Hubby posted some pictures and his story to LSCM and they were published this month on Walk On. Please click on the images to enlarge them. 

Above was the view from where we were seated. We sat behind the scoreboard, ok. When we arrived, we didn't know the score. After so many goals scored by both sides, we went out without knowing the final score, still. After walking more than 1.5km to our car, I logged on to Twitter to know the result. Hahaha. 

Here's the story shared by Mr Hubby. Yeah, we were so excited once we learned about LFC coming to Malaysia. Although we've been to Anfield twice but we never got the chance to watch them play. Next time, we should go during winter time.

Why oh why I didn't look at the camera when Mr Hubby snapped the above photo? That's me in that black and red tudung. It was half time, I don't know why Wazif was clapping.

Some more stories. Sorry Aquilani, your face is truncated. You're not staying for another season, aren't you?

Note: All pictures screen captured from LSCM magazine, Walk On.

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Lily G said...

Thanks for sharing. Agree that the atmosphere was better than Sg 2009, but it's all thanks to the fans.

However, must say, PP Land/Carlsberg were better sponsors in terms of understanding the spirit and passion of football.

Very disappointed with StanChart - opportunist to the max.