Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SAHM? WAHM? And writing?

It all started in January 2007. I remember posting about my dream to become a working at home mom. I was not really sure of what I could do at home other than driving the kids to school, fetching them in the evening, cooking, cleaning, gardening etc. 

A friend suggested to start a clothing line but none of us knew how to design clothes. I could sew simple baju kurung and shirts but never taken any formal courses. Not long after we discussed this, I read in the gossip column that Victoria Bekham was planning to start her clothing line too. Hehe. Coincidence or what?

Another friend encouraged me to start baking, and I took some initiatives about a year later. I bought an oven and started baking. It was really fun trying all the new found recipes (mostly Googled), playing around with buttercream and fondant. But I couldn't spend much time baking as many IT projects started pouring in that year. So, the oven was left in a cold and lonely corner in my kitchen. Poor oven.

In early 2007 too I dreamed to become a published author. I started writing fiction and a few paid articles. I published the fiction in my blog. It was a short story. And that was it. I never had the time to write fiction soon after that because of my work load. 

The only thing I managed to do consistently since then was writing. Well, actually only the blog writing part was consistent. The technical writing, fiction and paid articles only lasted for a few months. 

So, the idea of becoming a WAHM was forgotten for a while. 

Earlier this year, one of my new year resolutions was to start with my Masters programme in June/July timeframe. I started planning on how to adjust my work schedule and researching on the most suitable courses offered by nearby Unis. At one point, I was contemplating quitting work and focus 100% on doing the Masters Programme. 

But Allah knows best. There were a few new challenges at work that I didn't even have time to enroll myself in any of the nearby Universities. The first quarter of 2011 was so busy that I didn't even took any time off during the school holidays. 

Some time in April my body started to tell me that it was too much to take, my BP was high again after stabilizing for more than 3 years. It was so frustrating as I realized I've been neglecting my health again. I tried going to the gym and cooking at home more frequently but work became too demanding, sometimes I even had lunch in the car while driving to customer's place. 

So, when I saw an announcement in Twitter requesting for manuscript submission, I started writing fiction again. It's a therapy, much better than shopping or going to spa. Writing fiction transformed me into another person and it brought me to another world, another dimension. It kept me occupied, but less stressed. I completed the proposal and my first 4 chapters in 6 days and submitted to the publisher. 

To my surprise, the proposal was accepted and I continued with the rest of the manuscript. 
Four weeks later I managed to complete the manuscript and submitted the first draft. And it was accepted! 
Allah knows best and works in mysterious ways. My first novel will be launched on 17th September 2011. 
A wish/dream started in early 2007 and will materialize on the 3rd quarter of 2011. 

For all my readers who dare to dream, trust me, insyaallah you will succeed.

** more news on my first novel will be posted here after Raya.


Didie said...

Congrats Kak Dayang!! Reading your blog, I know you're a good writer. Tak pernah boring baca ur blog. Looking forward to Jerat :-D

D.N.A.S said...

terima kasih adindaku, pembaca yang setia. Hehe ;)

Lily G said...

Congrats! 17 September is an especially poignant date for me. Will look out for your book.Title?

D.N.A.S said...

Lily, title of the book is 'Jerat'. It's a Malay novel.