Friday, July 22, 2011

Good news - we're hiring!

Yeah, we're hiring. Again! 

I have been interviewing System Engineers for the past 3 months, to fill up two vacancies we currently have in the team. Hiring is not an easy job, especially for these 2 posts. I think we've interviewed more than 10 candidates so far and only 2 are good enough. 

The worse news is, these 2 engineers turned down our offer.

Argh.... I'm back at square one. Now I have to find more candidates. I really dread going through resumes and calling people for the first interview. 

What was written in the papers a few days ago was so true. The younger generation (especially fresh graduates) are demanding for high salary and want jobs that suit their lifestyle. I've interviewed a few young engineers (who have about 2-3 years experience in the IT industry). They actually told me their likes and dislikes, dos and don'ts on their first interview. They didn't do any research on the positions offered and never visited our corporate website, instead they started dictating their expectations. 

So, it's not a surprise to see the number of unemployed graduates grew each year. They'd rather stay at home, asking money from their ageing parents than start earning and building their lives. 

It's true that Malaysians have been living rather lavishly in the past few decades. Our children, especially. They could always get what they wished for. Even those with struggling parents who are earning less than RM5K a month. I'm not blaming the parents but somehow, showering children with gifts, granting their every wish (especially more pocket money) is not really helping them develop into mature adults. 

You can ask any teenager you find in the shopping mall, what's the value of RM1K? I bet majority of them would answer 'Not Much'. These kids are using smartphones worth more than RM2.5K. Their clothes are from brands you and I couldn't pronounce properly, and some of their shoes alone are twice the price of my 4 handbags combined. 

So when these kids finish college and start hunting for jobs, they'll be looking for really high salary. Even without any experience they would still demand more than RM3K as a start. Most companies can't afford to hire unskilled worker with such basic pay. So, in the end, these kids remain unemployed, and I have to go through 30 more resumes to find the suitable candidates for these 2 vacancies. Pffffbbbtttt!

Have a great weekend, people!


mummy Darin said...

Kak dayang, saya blh apply tak?

EeSoon said...

good luck in searching the right ones. All the best ba~

D.N.A.S said...

vacancies are Server Virtualization and Data Protection Engineers. Certifications include IBM System P, VMWare and Symantec Data Protection.

mummy Darin said...

wa.. hebat tuh.. semoga jumpa yang berkenan dihati nanti..