Saturday, March 02, 2013

KL NOIR: RED successfully launched!

It was raining heavily as I sped along KESAS highway on Wednesday afternoon. I had to wait for my children to come home from school before setting out to KLCC at about 6.15pm for the launch. I've attended a few launches but it was my first experience having it at Kinokuniya. Prior to the event, I've been getting messages like 'Fuiyyyoh, buat kat Kino tuuuu!' from my friends. My ex-schoolmates told me to wear something sexy but I couldn't anything 'that' sexy in my wardrobe. I finally chose a white modern kebaya that made me look like a pregnant woman (if you consider a pregnant woman - sexy). 
One of my ex-schoolmates - Ogy and an ex-housemate - Nonie made it to the event. It was the first time my friends attended such event. Both of them gave positive feedback, especially regarding the crowd we had that night. 
I have to admit that I enjoyed every FIXI launch event as there are usually sporting fans (and would-be fans). Getting to know the readers is one of things I value much, especially those who give honest feedbacks about my works. 
After having a quick dinner and maghrib prayers, I entered Kinokuniya about 10 minutes late, Kris was reading. My turn came about 20 minutes later. 
Undilah Parti Undi Rosak !
 My short story in this anthology is called The Machete and Me  and it is a ghost story; that's what I told the crowd, but none of them looked convinced. Those who have read my books, usually expect to have more blood, killings and mysteries. Perhaps some of the readers are quite disappointed that I decided to write a ghost story. Don't worry, wait for my next book (which I'm drafting right now and should have more blood than JERAT and HILANG combined).

Saya mau baca panjang lagi, tapi boss sudah jeling-jeling.
Before we conclude the night, a book signing session was held. I was so touched to have readers who came with JERAT, HILANG and Di Sebalik DINARA for signing. It made me realize where some of the strength and inspiration always come from -- the readers.
So, I wanna thank everyone who took all the trouble to come to the launch and purchased KL NOIR. It was a wonderful night and a successful event. Hope to see you again during the KLCC book launch in April.

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