Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mini Fiction

You know how we love doing the #CerpenTwitter on twitter. It's like a super short story, less than 140 characters (including the hashtag). There's even a book published titled Cerpen Twitter (Author: Ajami). For people who have not been bitten by the twitter bug, it's quite difficult for them to understand this. But for me, expressing myself in less than 140 characters is really interesting. What more coming up with super short stories.
Last weekend (21-23rd June 2013), a cool literary festival was held in Publika, Solaris Dutamas. It's known as #WORD: The Cooler Lumpur Festival. There were readings, literary talks, writing tips, book launches, forums and poem recital, film screening and a few other interesting events.
I'm not sure if the festival was the first of its kind in Malaysia but it sure was a great effort to promote literary among Malaysians.

#Word: The Cooler Lumpur website

In conjunction with the festival, a Mini Fiction competition was held. It was open to twitter users. What we had to do was compose a super short story based on the given theme for the week, and include the #minifiction hashtag in our tweets. The winners were announced on Sunday and Monday, congratulations to them.
Minifiction Website
So, I composed a few Mini Fiction tweets just for fun. I only joined on the last day, and the theme for the week was CRIME. Here are my tweets which got quite a number of RTs from other twitter users.

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