Friday, June 14, 2013

Rehab - Another English short story

My second English short story is published at FUTURA . Simply entitled Rehab, it is set in the future - year 2063.
Top banner illustration and the first paragraph
When I first received the invitation for this project, I was busy with one of my manuscripts. I was rather burned out that week, so I thought, 'just KIV this project lah. I'll do it if I have the energy.'
One afternoon, I found it really difficult to write at home. Noises from a new construction site near my place was the main reason. So, I packed my things and headed to the nearest Starbucks.
After ordering my usual latte and chocolate muffin, I sat at a corner nearest to the power point (don't we all do that at coffee shops? hehe). I didn't start writing right away. I sat, sipped my coffee and have a few bites of the muffin.
It was a hot afternoon. Many of the patrons were sipping either iced coffee, chilled juices or frappucino. A family of three was sitting quietly at a sofa in front of me. The parents were busy with their smartphones while their toddler was playing with a tablet computer.
For more than 10 minutes, neither of them said anything or even looked elsewhere but the gadgets in their hands. They were just lost in their own world.
The cafe was almost full but it was too silent, except for the cheerful 'Hi! Welcome!'  from the baristas each time a customer walked in.
That was when I realized that people didn't really talk to each other in person, anymore. We'd rather chat incessantly with virtual characters we met online. For some, we never get to meet the online friends in real life. So, what's happening to our real friends, real family members and real conversations? Soon, our children won't know how to converse properly with their friends - and worse, with their own parents.
So I took out my laptop and started writing about a teenage girl who had to enter a short term rehab because of her communication problems. The story's set in the year 2063.
I only managed to finish the story three days later, just in time for submission.

The second illustration. Isn't it adorable?


Zulhelmi Mohd Isa said...

Salam akak , ada zine baru tak nak launch dengan penulis muda ? Kalau ada , ajaklah saya

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, this coming to you from write very well, love your stylish eloquence.
Keep on writing, and have fun.
Best wishes, you keep a song in your heart.