Monday, December 22, 2014

My 2014

Body Jam 71 Release Launch at FF IOI Mall - 20th Dec 2014

If anybody ask how was my 2014, I'll show them this picture which somehow represents the whole year, I think. Yup, I've been partying throughout the year. Well, actually I went to the gym to work out, but I found parties - almost everyday. That's what happened when you decided to join all the dance classes. Everyone is always in the mood to party. I'm so glad I decided to dance. No long faces, no arguments - everybody danced and smiled and I was temporarily transferred to a happy land.
But 2014 was not party all the time. It was bittersweet. On 9th Dec I was hospitalized for 4 days because of dengue fever. It was an experience no one would ever want to relive. The fever was mild while the headache was not that bad. But the post-dengue fatigue was not easy to handle. I felt like sleeping the whole day and didn't have much energy to even cook a decent meal.
A few months ago I lost an aunt who was very dear to us and she was the only one who called me 'Ayang'. Manjalah sangat bunyinya. She hadn't been well for a few years and I managed to visit her a few times. So, next year's raya will not be the same because her house had always been one of the compulsory houses to visit.
I think I'm getting terrible at writing blog and might as well put things in point form:
Sweet things:
- went to attend Zumba basic training that was never in my plan. One day I just decided that I wanted to learn more and registered for the course online. I'm spontaneous like that.
- conducted Zumba class for my school friends. One of the sweetest memories in 2014.
- lost about 13kg (without dieting) - just partying. Went down 2 dress sizes and now I can wear cheaper clothes. Hehe.
- made so many new friends at the gym and Zumba events. I realized that it's easier to make friends while shaking your booties together than shaking hands.
- wrote a few short stories. I think I just found my style. At least the way to write in my most comfortable style.

Not so sweet things:
- my car caused a lot of trouble. It's getting too old, I know.
- haven't done anything at the new house. Too busy partying, kot. Hehe.
- didn't finish any new manuscript. Again, too busy partying. I have a few work in progress but a few things seem to be missing.
- couldn't finish many of the audio books I purchased. I think I prefer physical books. Even some of the short e-books took me ages to finish.

Oh, I'm too lazy to think. In a nutshell 2014 was okaylah. Not too much of emotional roller coaster ride. Mostly were happy times. Or perhaps, now that I've turned 40, I don't want to drown myself in sad, depressing moments. Just let it go... let it go.....

This is me. 40 and feeling fabulous as always.

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all jazzed up said...

Glam gambar Fabulous 40 tuh! Party on!