Thursday, June 17, 2021

MCO 3.0

I had my first dose of Astra Zeneca about 2 weeks ago. 

It was such a relief to know that Malaysia is getting more vaccine supplies in the coming months. After living with this pandemic for more than a year we all realized that life has changed. I can't remember how it feels to be sitting with friends in a crowded restaurant having lunch, or going to big book expo, or even participating in a mega Zumba event. 

MCO 3.0 is worse than the first one. This time the number of daily cases are way much higher. We know the virus is everywhere. Entering the mini market feels like entering a battle field. We don't know where the enemies are hiding and we can be shot at anytime. 

Many of my Zumba instructor friends are either doing online classes or started venturing into food business. Gyms and fitness studios will remain closed until further notice. Many studio owners decided to close down their businesses as well. There's no way they can survive. There was no incentive or financial assistance, yet they still have to pay for utility bills and rental. 

School children had only a few months of face-to-face classes with their teachers. Online learning has not been really successful either. Many less fortunate kids can't even join the online classes as they have to help their parents earn money. 

Everyone's hoping that things will get better in the next quarter. When more people get the vaccine, it's possible to achieve herd immunity faster. Only then more businesses can re-open and kids can go to school.

This feels like centuries ago

Miss this playground and the studio floor

My friends from different states in Malaysia


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