Monday, October 16, 2006

Sessi membebel tak sudah.

A (half awake) business trip
I went to Penang for a couple of days for a system investigation
(almost similar to CSI punya investigation lah) together
with our sub contractor.
I thought I liked Penang's people. They were
very warm and friendly. I felt like I was one of the tourists. Stayed
at one of the 4-stars hotel in Georgetown, and the buka puasa buffet
there was marvelous!! Nyum-nyum...

However, I never got the chance to have a closer look at Penang as I went to
bed at 9pm at night. Why? Because on Tuesday night I didn't sleep
a wink. Then, had to qada' tido for a few nights after that.
So, you can imagine me doing the investigation looking like a
zombie. I wonder why the CSI scientists and the detectives were
always looking their best even when they've done double shift and
spending the night in their lab... Perhaps I need a make-up artist.
So, work sucked last week.

Another (unfortunate) accident

Hmmmm.... when is this bad luck going to stay away from me? A 4WD kissed
my hubby's car's rear bumper in front of Sunway Pyramid last week,
and I was driving it!!!
So, this time, despite the busy traffic I stepped out of the car
and confronted the driver. I made a mean face, and he paid me on the spot.
Yeah, thanks to angeleyes for the inspiration.
However, the sad thing I learned that day was, "Some women were right to say
that some men do love their cars more than their wives." Tsk tsk tsk.
So, the atmosphere at home sucked the whole weekend.

So, life sucks! That's what this whole entry is all about.I'm still
wondering what would be the highlight before the long Raya holidays.
Well, I'm feeling so down. Whoever can cheer me up, I'll buy you
breakfast for a week (after raya). Klang valley participants only,


Queens City said...

me me me....
kakak...lets go to sembunyi spa together gether later

me thinking of joining their gym if they have one la....

hahahaha...very near to my office one...walking distance je....yeahhhhhh

DNAS said...

after raya boleh pegi spa. Sekarang ni tgh sengkek gila... biasalah menjelang raya mmg camni.

ku E said...

hey... what a co-incidence. i also spent my last weekends for raya shopping in penang this time~ "tuko angin". usually i did that in kl ;)

p/s i've posted everything in my latest post in my blog :0)

DNAS said...

I only went to Prangin Mall. The customer's office was in KOMTAR, so it's within walking distance. Maybe end of this year I should go have a vacation in Penang.
Or.. maybe we should go together-gether, kan? You can be my tourist guide. :)

ku E said...

SEETTTTTT!!!!!!!! ;)

Queens City said...

i can be your....ermmm.....

nak itutttttt