Monday, October 09, 2006

The Series of Unfortunate Events

It's not only because of the car accident I'm writing this.
I have told some friends about 'other' things that happened
to me before fasting month that had raised some concerns in

I think it all started about one month before Ramadhan. At
nights, I'll have difficulty sleeping, and when I managed to
finally drift away I had unexplainable nightmares. Sometimes
I remembered some part of it, sometimes none. The dreams were
all blurry, almost dark and unpleasant. There was one, when
I dreamed running away from something (or maybe it was someone)
in the streets of New York. When I woke up, I was feeling
so tired I could hardly walk to the bathroom. When I reached
the office, I realised that I had blue-black markings on my
right arm. There were 3 lines, my colleague asked who did it
to me because the marking suggested that somebody has held my
arm real hard. I don't remember anybody holding me so hard
until it hurt. I played with the kids and we sometimes throw
toys at each other, but toys won't leave that kind of marking.

After almost a week, the blue black marking vanished.

However, the next week I had another dream. I was alone in a
dark room almost suffocated and drenched in sweat. I was
crying for help but nobody could hear me. Same as the previous
week, I woke up feeling exhausted and the shirt I wore was
wet with my sweat. Then, that afternoon, again I found a
blue black marking on my arm, this time on the left one.

This time I showed them to S.H and N.B. From their expression
I knew they were going to say something I prefer not to hear,
but the kept it to themselves.

That mark also vanished within the week.

I couldn't remember exactly what was my dream on the third
week but I found myself almost sobbing when I woke up the
next morning. It must have been something really sad. With
heavy feet and aching body I went to the bathroom, then
found markings on both arms, about 2cm from the wrist.
When I looked at them, they suggested that someone was
holding both my hands from the front. That someone must
have held it real hard as the blue black marking was so

When I met S.H at the office's surau she suggested I
put a Yaasin under my pillow. According to her that might
help to eliminate 'devil' from her suspect list. Then I
asked her, whether we can eliminate jins too? She said,
she's not sure as there are Muslim Jins in this universe.
Then we decided, ok let's see what happen during Ramadhan.
If I'm okay, it could've been the syaitan's work.

So, during the first week of Ramadhan my arms were all
clear and had undisturbed sleep at night. I was relieved.

On Thursday afternoon I was trapped in the office lift
for 20 minutes - alone.

Come the second week of Ramadhan everything seemed fine.

On Tuesday, I was involved in a car accident, and I sped

Today, my left eye has been twitching since morning. You
might know or still remember what our grandmas told us
about twitching left eye, right? Some sad news or
not-so-good news could be on the way.

No, I'm not asking you to analyze the dreams and the
events. It's just that I've been feeling weird and thought
it would be best to share it with you.

Updated a few hours later:
Wanna know what's the not-so-good news? (The reason why
my left eye was twitching the whole morning.) I called
my hubby and he happened to be at the police station, his
car has been broken into. His colleague's laptop was
missing from the boot, along with a few books and flight
tickets. If that's not enough, when I reached home I
found a registered letter addressed to my hubby. It was so
familiar, as it was a traffic summon for speeding on the
North-South highway... Hmmmm... I reserve my comments.
But, you all can comment, as usual. :)


Cosmic_GurL said...

Oh dear :( That is indeed a string of unfortunate incidents. I hope tomorrow will be a much better day for u and yr hubby..
Oh yeah, Ive had one of those dreams too whre I woke up sobbing uncontrollably..I wld feel totally exhausted after one of those dream..

DNAS said...

these dreams are so strange, right? Don't know what was happening in our minds then.

Anonymous said...

alamak flights ticket pun dorang nak curi? not like they can use kan?

DNAS said...

pencuri tu memang terrer, alarm kereta tak bunyi, satu kesan umpil pun takde kat boot kereta. Tak paham la kenapa dia nak ambik flight tickets tu, padahal dalam boot tu ada roller blade 2 pasang, dia taknak pulak.

Jade said...

kak yang,pencuri tu tak tau main rollerblade...

anyway i am more concern about the blue markings. baca ayat kursi before you tido.

UglyButAdorable said...

ohh must coincidence kot..dun think of much about when yur eyes twicthing means sumthin bad happening ker..

doa sebelum tido n before going out so far has worked for me..

Leilanie said...

hmmmm.......... they say bad luck comes in threes.
1) Trapped in lift
2) Car accident
3) ??? I don't know whether if your spouses' car got broken into counts as bad luck to "you"......

If within this week tak der apa-apa happening, meaning you've completed the bad luck cycle.
If it does, hmmm..... then, I reserve my comments. Cukup sampai di sini jer lah.

cikPijah said...

jom gi mandi bunga! hihihiih

Anonymous said...

the markings tu because your husband yang pegang kot... maybe you meronta2 masa mimpi ke? :p

kimi azhan said...

Dee, Kesian you ni. Macam "sudha jatuh di timpa tangga" betul. Anyway, I setuju dgn baca ayat kursi & doa sebelum tidur tu. Cubalah, Insya Allah menjadi.. About the blue mark - yes, memang betul "benda halus" pun boleh tinggalkan kesan, cuma kita kena tengok hikmah nye la kan.. maybe this is a signal for you - to check on sthg, somebody, anything that you have done or not yet done etc..

DNAS said...

mesti dia menyesal, kan? Sebab tak reti main roller blade... Hihi

i'm a superstitious makcik... remember...?

the third one is also bad luck because I'm the one who has to bring the car to workshop to have the locks and alarm system checked. So, every week ada muka I kat workshop tu.

Cik P,
Bukan I je, boss I pun I dah suruh pegi mandi bunga... hahahahah.

you have the same theory as my friend. She told me to buy new matress because the springs might have caused the marks semasa I meronta-ronta mengigau.

I mmg percaya dgn benda-benda halus ni sebab rumah I kat kampung berjiran dgn people from the other dimension. Tapi I tak paham kenapa dia nak letak2 tanda kat I. What have I done to them, ek? Maybe they all tak suka blog I kot... hahahah.

Angel Eyes said...

Update puhleeez!

DNAS said...

Yea Sheryl,
permintaanmu sudah kutunaikan... hahahah