Thursday, March 01, 2007

... and the list of weirdos now gets longer....

I was planning to write on my recent depressing experience working with a group of k*lly-*g (if you don't know what that stands for, please email/ym/sms me). Part of my routine before updating my blog is to bloghop to my friends' ranting spaces, to make sure we're not discussing the same issue on the same posting. When I got to Jade's, I realised, yikes! I've been tagged.

Now I have to think hard on the 6 things that I found weird about me. As some of you might know, most of the times I can be described as a perfectly normal 30 something woman. You won't find anything weird about me. A friend once described me as a graph with a consistent horizontal line, only once in a while you'll see small spikes before the line went consistent again. Orang Melayu panggil, mendatar memanjang laaaa...

Well, dear friends, today let me just reveal the weird things that I've been hiding behind my masquarade. I hope you all will still remain my friends after reading these.

1. My favorite food is actually maggi mee, not spaghetti (as some of you might've thought all these time). I decided to eat more spaghetti these days after Mr. Hubby warned me
that if I eat too much instant noodle my hair would all fall off.

2. If I were left alone at home, I could spend hours sitting on the sofa staring blankly at the wall, wondering what I should do next. I usually ended up going to IOI Mall/ One Utama/ The Curve, wandering around, hoping to bump into one of my lady friends so that I could discuss with her on what to do next. Funny thing is, usually I'd never call them up because I think bumping into them would be a really good surprise, and that would really make my day.

3. When I was talking face to face with another guy, I'd always concentrate on their teeth, not their eyes. If he noticed I was suddenly rather lost in the conversation, that meant I was busy thinking, how did he keep his teeth to be so white, while mine was so yellowish? or I might be in a dilemma, should I stare at his lips now or stick to his teeth. Like he'd notice the difference lah, haha.

4. I read in woman magazines that fantasizing about other men during sex is actually good, but in my case there were always more than one man in my fantasies and most of the times I was not part of their acts, I was usually the thrilled spectator. Hahahah.

5. The kitchen is my territory. If there's another woman in the house, I'll not cook in the kitchen. If I'm busy cooking, I expect no woman to enter the kitchen. The territory has clear markings too, if you come to my house I'll show them to you...

6. I used to have problem falling in love with men because I always expected them to treat me like their sister. There were times after the male friends confessed their true feelings, I would go 'Urgh, I thought we could just remain like brother and sister. Why does the relationship has to be brought to a different path altogether?'.
Rugi? Yeah, I know that's what some of you might be thinking right now. But for me brotherly love is so much more divine than boyfriendly love. Hehe, that's what happen to women who grew up among so many male siblings, cousins and uncles.

So, still, from the outside I seem like a perfectly normal woman, don't you think? I think, I've mentioned to someone before that I live a pretentious life. My true self is only revealed in front of a few trusted individuals, and these few trusted individuals love to say,
' Kau ni jangan control-control, boleh tak? ' Hahahaha... I get that a lot from people who know me well. Moral of the story is, looks can be deceiving.

Yes, I really wanna be out of control and I'm going to tag the following weirdos:

1. TBD
2. TBD
3. TBD
4. TBD
5. TBD
6. TBD

Yeah, I coulnd't decide just yet. It seemed like most of the bloggers I know have already been tagged with this 6 weird stuffs.


cikPijah said...

*high five*

number 1 and 2 sama! but i still prefer to eat maggi me compare to rice anytime.

Nour said...

pretty interesting list you have here...maggie mee my all time fave ...mee curry...mee maggi cepat dimasak sedap dimakan..:)

D.N.A.S said...

Cik P,
i think i like maggi because it's simple but filling.

boleh tubuhkan kelab or persatuan dah kita ni rasanya. Kelab Suka Makan Maggi. :)

RsRz said...

Salaam, you may want to check out these sites by Sis Zabrina: or Regards.

D.N.A.S said...

Hi rsrz,
thanks for the links. I really enjoy Sis Zabrina's writing, especially the quotes.