Monday, March 05, 2007

Letting Some Hair Down

The details of the night out can also be found here.

My version of the story :

The Friday night highway congestion didn't dampen my spirit to get to MiCasa before I miss anything important (everything turned out to be important, actually). I decided to take Besraya and paid RM1.30 toll as the Sg. Besi jam was unbearable.

I was the last to arrive. Spain greeted me in the lift to bring me up to 6th floor. She was quite surprised and looked rather relieved finding me alone (not with any of my children, as I told them earlier that day).

The first thing I noticed upon entering the room was smoke. So, I decided to take off my blouse & scarf. Hey, MIL and FIL were at my place, it would take me a few days if not years to explain why I came home late at night smelled like a chimney, right?

I was told to sit down and try to absorb as everybody was already in a middle of a very entertaining story, that I couldn't make out what it was all about. So, there we all sat trying to follow each other's story. Contributed some, added more info, injected more humour if not condemning god knows whoever was the bad guy/girl mentioned in the stories.

If you have a 16 years old diary, I know you can imagine how many stories were there to tell. We covered most of it in one night. It was like speed reading 8 women's 16 years old diaries. I wish I could do that with my educational books!! Hahahah.

There were 2 lawyers in the room that night. We were getting free consultation from one of them (Fynn), while the other lawyer (Rina) decided to cook IndoMee goreng with cili api. The latter happens to be a lawyer with very few words (that's difficult to find in this world, okay!)

There were 2 Corp Comm execs, Mimin and Mum. 2 IT execs, Hana and me. 1 Account Manager, Dalie. 1 Customer Support exec, Spain.

If we were to meet in any bar, and happened to be total strangers, I don't think we could even talk or stand each other. But we spent the best 5 years of our teenage life together, in STF. Whenever we met, we just blended with each other. In just a few minutes, it felt like the clock has been turned and as if we've never spent any time away from each other. Although in a different environment, having new functions in life, plus the 16 years of new experiences, friends will always be friends.

I've attended previous reunions, but I enjoyed this one the most because there were only us. No spouses, no children, no outsiders. It felt like Block-C common room all over again! (minus the warden lah.. hahahah)

In my demotivated entry last week, I did wish to be in a very good company and to spend some time talking silly. My wishes came true on Friday night. I really wanna do it again. It helped a lot. I started my Monday with a fresh and cleansed mind.

Thank you my friends, you all are the best!

p/s: I'm still filtering the pictures we took that night.

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