Friday, March 30, 2007

The Tiger's Eye and I

It's a semi-precious stone Roman warriors wore to war for protection. It is said to have a certain power to make you braver, focusing the mind and be more determined.

Mrs A got me a string of them from KK, yeay!

My lunch buddies (back in X*b***) must've remembered when I bought two strings of tiger's eyes in early 2005. I was in a big dilemma then; kept on asking my friends whether I should quit my job and become a fulltime house wife. It was a difficult time as I was indecisive.

However, that was not the reason I bought the 2 bracelets. Guess499 was a huge fan of semi-precious stones, so one day we went to the crystal shop in KJ, planned just to window shop. Alien and me were more interested in the citrine (because we're both mata-duitan), but they're so expensive: a bracelet costed about RM300 ++. Then, the sales girl introduced us to tiger's eye. I was not really listening to what she was explaining, my eyes were fixed on the price tags. They're quite cheap, and beautiful; they're called tiger's eye, but they really reminded me of cat's eyes (tigers are also cats what... appa raaaa!) So, I decided to buy 2 of them!

Two weeks later, I handed in my resignation letter to X*b*** HR.

Some friends called me superstitious, but I believe the stones had some effects on me. Ask any scientists, they'll be able to present you some facts that minerals release electro charges or have some other chemical reactions with human bodies.

The most obvious difference I felt after wearing tiger's eye 10 hours a day was, I could focus better. Usually I was always in a hurry, chasing the next hour, chasing tomorrow, chasing uncertainties. After wearing the bracelets for some time, I found myself inhaling deeper before I started a new task; I was able to pause from time to time while I was doing something, allowing my mind to think of more possibilities before jumping into any conclusions. In other words, I was less rushing.

Now, after 2 years, again I found myself in almost a similar dilemma. This time I have 2 major decisions to make; both could change my whole life as I would be making a 90 degree turning. Both, I'm not able to discuss with my friends as there are so many uncertainties and some of the pre-requisite hurdles, I am not able to jump over them, just yet.

The tiger's eye from Mrs. A was so timely. Is it going to take me 2 weeks, or 2 months to make the decisions, I don't know yet. Let's just pray for good things to come my way. Aaamiiiin.


Nour said...

I wish you luck ya..hopefully it would be a smooth sailing decision making for you..:)

D.N.A.S said...

makacih... makacih...makcik tension ni. Banyak jerawat keluar dah.

Azer Mantessa said...

all the best in ur future takings

kimi azhan said...

Dee dear,

coincidently I blog on "decision making" also this week.. check out my definition of "decision".. hope it can help you in making yours! take care.

D.N.A.S said...

makacih! Make more inspiring songs, ok... heheheh

oh, that's awesome!

guess499 said...

i think i should wear again my tiger eyes.. *wink*

D.N.A.S said...

haaaa! Get your courage back, in case you've lost it, lah... heheheh