Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Day I lost My Yogirnity

When I received my copy of HatiYoga after the long holidays, and started reading it, I made a point to attend at least one Yoga class at the gym in May. By the time I finished watching the complimentary VCD, it was already 5pm. Without further ado, and almost naturally, I packed my laptop and other stuffs, went to my car and drove straight to the gym. And you guessed it right; I entered the 5.45pm Yoga class!

Call me spontaneous, because I was and will always be. That is my main characteristic that sometimes landed me in difficult situations. Hehehe. But, no regrets so far. I always felt that it's either now, or never. Sometimes I did silly things that later on caused me some trouble, but I always managed to turn the situations around, and still benefit from them. Putar alam boleh tahan jugak Makcik ni.

However, in this case it was far from silly (although I did look silly in the mirror while doing the poses). I really enjoyed the class. How difficult it was? Well I was sure it was not for beginners, but the instructor was very considerate towards first timers. We got to do all the optional poses (bengkok-tak-berapa-nak-sampai poses).
After three poses, I realized how people managed to slim down by doing Yoga. Holding a pose seemed simple enough in the pictures and TV, but actually doing it is a totally different story. Believe it or not, during each pose, I was profusely sweating as if I just completed a power track in BodyAttack class. I surely cannot compare BodyJam classes to this one. I wouldn’t even sweat like that after running on the treadmill for 15 minutes.

Before I entered the class I assumed I would be the most ‘jegang’ one (jegang=not flexible at all, a.k.a kejang). It turned out there was this Mat Salleh, about 6 ft tall and have big bones who couldn’t even do a half lotus sitting position. Bersila pun tak boleh rapat, I tell you. Waaa…. okay jugaklah, after all I’m not that bad, lah kan… although my pigeon pose looked more like a tiang talipon senget je. Funny thing is, after that Yoga class, I kept on bumping into this Mat Salleh in BodyAttack and BodyJam classes la pulak. I think dia nak jadik flexible macam I kot, or trying to find the formula on how to become ‘elastic’ like any other Asian. He should watch Mawi dances, tak nye flexible lah mamat tu. Heheheh (sempat lagi ngutuk Mawi tu, bila nak mintak maaf ntah).
What do I think of the Yoga class? Hmmmm…. Very refreshing and that was the first time I really felt I worked out my entire body: head, neck, shoulder, arms, palms, fingers, chest, back, abdomen, legs and heels. I like! I also heart Yoga, lah.

Note: All the girls in the pictures featured here are not me, or the Kejang Mat Salleh (Mat Salleh is a guy, by the way....ahem!)


AM said...

entah mengapa, entry ini membuatkan saya rasa mahu sign up di kelas Yoga berdekatan rumah saya.

D.N.A.S said...

sign-up, jangan tak sign-up. The breathing exercise alone will make you feel rejuvenated already. You'll also learn how to listen to your body and accept what God has given to you with an open mind. (Although, at times I still have that feeling: Oh why am I not as lean/thin as that girl?) Biasalah, manusia.

Azer Mantessa said...

my first glance on the title was 'the day i lost my virginity' so i was very exited.

newayz, yoga is an exiting item too. all the best and try doing it constantly.

sponstantenousity - the jedi way. may the force be with you.

Jade said...

kakak... try la body balance... dia ader track pilates sekali... time tuh is the ab crunching time! confirm abs jadik tegang after the class!

welkam to the yogis world!!

Zetty said...

agak excited jugak la nak join yoga class after reading this entry.

the word 'jegang' yg tak tahan tu haha.

D.N.A.S said...

kesian... your excitement died halfway... hahahah. Nanti I trick you lagi. My next entry will be titled VaginaPalooza, okay tak? Hahahahah!

I'm going to BodyBalance class this Thursday evening at IOI with my colleague.

join! jangan berlengah lagi! It's strenuous and relaxing at the same time... hmmmm... susah gak nak gambarkan keseronokannya.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi d.n.a.s,

Attaway to go! Keep healthy.

Yogirnity??? Cute lah.

D.N.A.S said...

Hi Kak Ruby,
my main agenda for the rest of my life is health/fitness. Well, it's now or never.

Leilanie said...

I have only one question.

Hansem tak mat salleh tu?

D.N.A.S said...

I don't think he's our taste lah. (Like I know what your taste might look like.... hahahah!)

DrFrappucino said...

Erkkk does yoga make us better in ehem ehem?

D.N.A.S said...

if that 'ehem ehem' means performance in bed, I need to ask my male colleague (who was also in the same Yoga class that day, hahahah).

all jazzed up said...

dayang, i tried yoga for a few months in 1998 (lama tuh) and loved it. Dahla slim, it curbed my appetite and i could feel that inner peace that translates into an outer glow (ohmmmmm)...

D.N.A.S said...

eh betullah... it curbed my appetite. I noticed that after 2 classes. Now I wake up every morning not feeling hungry, actually as opposed to pre-yoga days.