Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Aku budak kampung, kau budak kampung

Jan jan jala,
Jala itik jala ayam,
Berapa lubang kancil,
Seratus lima puluh,
Panggil Cik Gayah
Makan sireh kuning merah.

Went back to my kampong in Bera (used to be under Temerloh district) on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed 26 hours of fresh kampong air. Not to mention the grilled tilapia fish, masak lemak, satay ayam, kerepek pisang and tepung bungkus. Yummy… I love my kampong food. For a huge range of Pahang recipes, you can get a copy of Tg Puan Pahang’s recipe book (available at all major bookstores). It’s entitled Air Tangan Tg Puan Pahang. You can even get some Orang Asli recipes in there!

Other than eating (which took most hours of the 2 days visit), I rummaged through my mom’s things to look for an old photograph of my late father. I remembered the black and white photo of my late father holding a shotgun and standing beside a dead crocodile. According to my late father, he shot the croc at Sg. Triang. I couldn’t remember why they decided to kill the animal; I don’t recall hearing stories of villagers attacked by it.

I relayed the story of how my late father killed a croc to my eldest son, Waz1f not long ago. So, when we went to kampong this time, he insisted to see that photo. Too bad, I couldn’t find it among the many photo albums in my mom’s room. So, I showed Waz1f and Shawq1 some other old photos of their late grandpa. I spent the next half hour or so to explain to them most of the pictures.

As expected, both of them were so impressed seeing that their late grandpa was such a cool man. There were pictures of him among a herd of his cows at our kebun taken in the early 90s, we used to call ourselves ‘koboi’ back then and our late father – Haji Koboi. There was once, when we had about 60 cows of Brahman and KK breeding that the kebun felt like a real ranch. My elder brother was once being dragged by one of the cows that suddenly ‘naik angin’, that was the first and the last rodeo we had there. There were also pictures of my late father taken at his kebun tembikai, kebun tebu, kebun pisang and of course kebun sawit. I grew up and complete my studies with ‘duit lembu and duit sawit’, and so proud to admit that!

Being born and raised in the city (if you can call Bandar Kinrara a city, that is) my kids never had the chance to spend their afternoons running around in bushes, climbing pokok belimbing, ‘tiup pochong kat bawah rumah’ or get chased with batang leban. I was not surprised when they asked me,
‘Mak pandai potong pokok?’ , when they saw a picture of me pruning a row of pokok tebu. Maybe it would be good if I just get them to stay at kampong for a couple of weeks so that they get some first hand experience of kampong life, eh?

Besides my kid’s amazement, I was also amazed at how I’ve forgotten some of the words commonly used at kampong. Okay, let’s have some Temerloh vocab lesson today, yeay!

Kelakor – work.
Sample usage: ‘Apa kelakor nya anok Makcu Bedoh tu semenjok keluor Pusat Serenti ni?’

Chope – at the brink of something, usually table, platform, stage
Sample usage: ”Janganlah letok gelas kaca tu chope sangat atas meja. Kalau jatuh, pecoh… sapa nak nyapunya karang?”

Kecen – one eyed person (pirate like eye)
Sample usage: ‘Pencuri yang masuk rumoh Tok Empat haritu rupanya bukan budok Indon, tapi anok bidan yang kecen tu!’

Bochong – water container that’s made of aluminum.
Sample usage: ‘Kalau nak pegi kebun karang, jangan lupa bawok bochong tepi dapur tu. Mok dah isi air masok tadi.’

Okay murid-murid, sila buat ulang kaji. Minggu depan Cikgu Bedoh nak buat pop kuiz.


M.I.S.S.Y said...

ye le weh..dah nye bingei sangat nak buat cemana ke lagi wok oii..


(*damn i need to brush up my bahasa pahang la..dah lupa dah ni ..)

D.N.A.S said...

looo, koi tak tau awok ni orang Pahang. Kalau tidok, lama dah boleh speaking together-gether.

all jazzed up said...

dayang, i love this entry! sebab i pun budak kampung jugak! Ali, at his first sight of a snail during Hari Raya break last year, looked like as if he saw a ghost... Tee hee!

UglyButAdorable said...

and i thot i knew all the slang...dang!!!! nie la penangan bred in the city...

ytxis said...

Reminds me of Usop Keceng ( of course we add g for everything up north of your border).

kimi azhan said...


In kelantan loghat, we said:

1. kelakor - wak gapo
2. chope - sipi do'oh
3. kecen - kecen (eh eh.. sama la...)
4. Bochong - bochong (eh eh.. sama lagi... kita kan berjiran!!)

Kuiz minggu depan diwajibkan kepada leilanie sahaja - sebab dia je sedang buat PhD!!

ruby ahmad said...

hI d.n.a.s,

Wow! Balik kampung with all the delicious food! Lucky you. Enjoy.

I've decided to tag you for a nobel effort. Let's make it a reality for that cause. Please visit my blog to find out about it, but d.n.a.s, if you're busy, you don't have to do it. Thank you.

D.N.A.S said...

Aiyo, Ali never seen a snail before that? I think there forgot to put snail in Zoo Negara.

that's some of Temerloh's words alone. Don't let me start with Jerantut, Pekan, Kuantan and Ulu Tembeling slang .... lagi you pening nanti. Anyway, I found out that most of words commonly used in Temerloh are actually listed in kamus Dewan. Some of them are actually Bahasa Melayu Lama.

Orang Ganu ke mung?

Fuiyyo, I sendiri belum ada Master, nak bagi kuiz kat orang PhD? Nampaknya I kena buat a few more lessons nih.

will check it out. Usually - 'I got time!' (just like that Astro Max advert laaaa....haha)

The Winged Acrophobic said...

Opened my eyes, err, ears. Never noticed the nuances of bahasa Pahang, even when I worked in Kuala Lipis lepas SPM dulu. Maybe kat situ ramai yang kechek Kelate. Anyways, teman oghang Peghak.

drbubbles said...

i think I have posted on the dialect thingy but hilang kot....

drbubbles said...


banyok woo kaih taip malam tadi.pasal loghat kat tembeling same with brunei.

M.I.S.S.Y said...

kawan orang pekan/raub deme...sama je kita ne haa.. smer sedaranye kan..?(*with the very pekat pekan nye accent)

drbubbles said...


mok kaih orang dong weh..(very pekat lepih nye accent).dulu masa kecek duduk kat bukit kuman (Bukit Koman. Deme raub beloh mane?

Jade said...

saya pun orang kampong gak.. walaupun lahir kat bandor...

D.N.A.S said...

Winged Acrophobic,
what were you doing in Lipis, then? Courting Siti? Eh, by that time Siti still kat primary school lah.

Dr. Bubbles,
weh, ghamei puok koi datang ke maghi ghupanyeeee... Mmbatnye deme tak preview balik lepaih Post Comment tu malam tadi? Kengkadang dia suruh taip semula word verification tuuuu... Aih, letih menaip panjang berjela, dok?

Ooooo orang Pekan ke? Ande anjiang jatuh terguliang-guliang masa kome naik biskel kemarin?

Kampung Pandan ke Kampung Tunku ke Kampung Baru?

drbubbles said...

kaih tak nampok kene prebiu dulu weh...hahaha..

by the way - i was checking the old newspapers circa 1965 at Arkib Negara last year and found out that words used by Tembeling people are similar to Brunei.

kalau belah lepih - laut = sungai,
used to hear this "kaih nak ke laut" or "kaih nak ke darat"

do you familiar with bela = repair?
kancheh ( loghat temerloh ni weh)..

hahaha best bebenor jumpa ghodong ghodong ni weh....

drbubbles said...

ampun tuanku, tumpang lalu lagi,

funny lines from beloh Raub: "ayer kupi tergude-gude sekule jalan kuna-kuna" - stirring a mug of coffee on a windy road...hahahahahaha.....

Idlan said...

bochong je i recognise, because that's kelantanese. Saya sudah 7 tahun tidak pulang ke kampung saya. Walaupun bandar baru bangi tu ada juga orang kata kampung.. hehe.

denon said...

Uikkk Yang ... berjaya ko ghumpulkan ghodong2 kita kek sini yekkk ... bapok ghamainya .... koi inget kan tok ghamei ... halloooo anybody from sg panching ... kampung koi tu ....

fav word ---> bapokk babeiii nya budok niiii ....

deqnon said...

Uikkk Yang ... berjaya ko ghumpulkan ghodong2 kita kek sini yekkk ... bapok ghamainya .... koi inget kan tok ghamei ... halloooo anybody from sg panching ... kampung koi tu ....

fav word ---> bapokk babeiii nya budok niiii ....

Nour said...

I love tepung ada recipe dia tak?? :)

D.N.A.S said...

Dr Bubbles,
rajinnya buat research kat Arkib Negara. I salute you!

mu oghe kelate? Ingatkan org Ganu, that's why dok call you Idlang... Idlang...

cuba le tengok kat sgpanching kat yahoo group... kok2 ada ke..

sesungguhnya saya hanya pandai memakan, tapi tidak langsung arif part2 memasak ni. Tapi, buat lepat reti jugaklah sikit2... lepat ubi, lepat pulut hitam, lepat pisang.

guess499 said...

huhuhu.. ambe pong nok balik kampong gok.. tapi nok wat guane coti freeze..

D.N.A.S said...

guane boleh frozen coti mung? Banyok deadline, dok?