Friday, June 29, 2007

My hair stood on ends

This is a ghost story.
Our office building was haunted recently. There was not much stories on ghost sightings here before this, but in May there were two.

Sighting 1

It was a Tuesday night. The email server was down due to corrupted disks. Our macho system admin had to perform maintenance during the night. He started early, but due to some technical complication the activity dragged until way past midnight.
He almost gave up on recovering the email database. The whole disk seemed like a gone case. About 2 a.m, as he was sitting at his cubicle he felt another being was standing just beside him. He knew something was there, he looked down and saw part of it: no legs on the floor. He decided to ignore it, but the being stayed. It didn’t scared or hurt him, it just stayed beside him. Then the macho system admin had to go to the washroom. The being followed him. When he came back to his cubicle, so did the being: tagged along like an inseparable friend. Yet, it didn’t make any attempt to communicate. The system admin had to continue with his work. As he didn’t see a possibility that the data could be saved, he decided to just rebuild the RAID on the whole disk (this is the same as and sometimes even worse than doing a disk format) after his manager gave a green light over the phone.
Once the re-RAID process completed, he started the email database process. Wallaweh, he got the surprise of his life, all data was still intact!
When I met him the next day I asked how was it possible to see the data after the disks were being rebuilt, his answer was ‘Server tu berhantu. (The server is haunted.)’
It was not clear when the being left him that night. People said the thing followed him until he went into the elevator to head home. Another colleague asked me whether the being helped him recover the lost data; I couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

Sighting 2

It was a Saturday afternoon when the accounting clerk came to the office to print an urgent document. After sending the print job, she walked towards the printer that was located a few cubicles away from hers. A few steps before reaching the printer, she saw a thing sitting with its knees up, on a desk near the printer. It was a figure of a woman. Although the face was unclear, she knew it’s a woman. The accounting clerk braved herself for a few seconds to pick up her print job, then her things and hurried to the elevator to leave the office.

Not long after that, the management summoned the ghostbusters to come and clear the place. They did it on a Friday night and completed at 5 in the morning. Some of my colleagues witnessed the exorcism process as well as the ‘area fencing’ part. They couldn’t see anything through their bare human eyes, but according to the ghostbusters, they managed to capture the spirits on two different floors (yes, the floors where our macho system admin and the accounting clerk had the encounters).

There were no more new sightings after the ‘cleaning’ activity was done.

Then we heard one of the account managers tendered his resignation. He has been sick for more than 2 months. According to his close friend, he had been having dreams day and night. Every time he dozed off, he’d have the dream. It was the same dream every time. A woman would come to him, the same woman in every dream he had. Then one night, he dreamed the woman came to bid him goodbye, that’d be the last time she’d be able to visit him. The date actually coincided with the Friday night of the ‘cleaning’ activity!

Then there’s another story of a pregnant colleague, who has been staying at home for she’s having some complications. She was also having those dreams, where a woman came and paid her visits. That same night, the woman bid her farewell for she couldn’t come again. It was her last visit.
The pregnant lady has now started working again. She approached the accounting clerk for some descriptions of the figure she saw on the desk that Saturday afternoon. They perfectly matched her uninvited visitor in the dreams! Erkkkk... scary.

We don’t work late here anymore. Everybody tries hard to complete everything by 5pm nowadays. By 5.15 my floor is empty. Another good excuse to spend my days at customers’ places or better still, at Starbucks!


The Winged Acrophobic said...

Reading this at 1.14 am is not fun at all.....

akula said...

Ala, tu excuse je nak blah awalkan. :)

D.N.A.S said...

Winged Acrophibic,
the first sentence said 'This is a ghost story'. U continued on reading at 1.14a.m? Berani le konon tu... kekekeke...

eh taaaak.... kalau takde cite hantu pun I balik awal jugak. :)

Jade said...

waaaa... my hair really stood!! meremang bulu roma eh..!

Sarclover said...


interesting... maybe the ghost was an IT person tak???

ytxis said...

Are u sure the ghost name is not microsoft? i mean original software?

Cosmic_GurL said...

Hehehe..first story tu mcm very techno savvy ghost jer kan? Very smart ghost! :P

D.N.A.S said...

suddenly I teringat ada satu lagu dangdut entitled 'Berdiri bulu romaku'. Nanti kita nyanyi kat k'ok, eh? Hehe.

maybe should've asked the ghostbusters to interview them of their previous lives, kan?

luckily the server has MS Windows O.S. If it was UNIX, i yang kena troubleshoot the problem, ok. So, i would've been in his shoes that night... erkkkk.... nooooo!

my ex-boss pernah cite pasal female ghosts yang pandai shutdown server. Itu lagi ganas. Kat Bangunan PERKIM. Heheheheh... sapa keje sana, angkat tangaaaan!

Azer Mantessa said...



D.N.A.S said...

you're baaaack! Ada bawak dodol from kampung untuk I?

Angel Eyes said...


*sembunyi bawah katil*

D.N.A.S said...

for even scarier ghost stories of the month, go to Dina Zaman's blog. I baca, then tak boleh tido malam, I tell you....!

Angel Eyes said...

then i lagiii la takot!


nikfarizah said... scary...i ni dah lah penakut...mintak jauh....