Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tomorrow I cuti, so today I blog.

This week is one of those missionless ones that I had to endure in order to get to the next week, that is hopefully going to be more rosy and full of excitements (at work I mean). When things are so dull at work, gym time is the only highlight of the day. Not that I enjoy working out among the gays there, it’s just that sometimes, listening (or is it eavesdropping?) to these Mat Lembuts is quite entertaining. Some of them are straight but metrosexual, some are obviously gays. By the way, I did the ‘How gay are you?’ test at Gayometer ( and the result was, I’m 66% gay. Damn! I never realized that. Should I tell my mom? Hmmm… maybe not. She’s too conservative. Hahahaha…
What else is interesting at the gym? The changing room… of course. Did I ever tell you about the Makcik and her magic flying bra? That Makcik is a regular there; looks cool and very friendly. She’s so comfortable with the other regulars that she’d always change her cloth in front of everybody. One fine afternoon, she was in a rush to catch the next group class. When she was changing into her sports bra, she pulled out her bra over her head in a hurry; as a result, the black lacy thing flew across the room and landed on the bench I was sitting on. I kept a straight face and said to myself, ‘I’m not going to pick that up, ok!’ So, the Makcik was stunned for a while and her eyes went wild searching for her undergarment that has flown away. Then she saw it. ‘Oh ho… there’s my bra!’ She approached my bench and picked her bra up, so naturally! It was my turn to be stunned. She hasn’t had her sports bra on yet, then. Argh… I leave the rest to your imagination.
Oh, there was another snapped bra incident where everybody in the changing room just kept silent and pretended not watching or listening to the poor lady. She was cursing with multilingual 4 letter words when she couldn’t find a safety pin or brooch as temporary replacement to her broken bra hooks. I could imagine her frustration then. She just came out of shower and took out her party blouse and pants (shocking pink, glittering, shining and all). When the bra snapped, I thought she’s going to cry. After a few minutes, she decided to wear her sports bra (yang dah busuk dah basah dengan peluh tu), then put on her party attire. Kesian jugak, but what to do. I couldn’t possibly lend her mine. I wear 38E, okay… and she’s the petite lady who probably wears a 34B.
Well, I have many changing room stories, but it’s 5pm already. Time to hit the gym! Hope everything goes well in the changing room today! Hehehehehe.


Idlan said...

Haha. I am 60% gay too. I wonder how other STFians fared..

ytxis said...

For me to imagine it accurately can u tell me how old is this makcik and what does 38 and E means?- john from puchong

akula said...

go bra-less la, senang. Solve all the flying bra problems :)coy

Winged Acrophobic said...

Ternganga saya ni membaca blog sebelum cuti ni.... flying bras, snapping bras and the sizes....... very original!

deqnon said...

uikkk ... Yang, ko cuti hari erkkkk adooooo rugi aku tak leh ... sesungguhnya i'm desprately need a holiday ... woittt size bra syyyyy .... hahahaha sib baik aku punya C ... sleeping without bra ... kuang kuang kuang

ruby ahmad said...

Hi d.n.a.s,

I was a gym buff once. I saw all sorts in the changing room. There were the few jaw dropping incidents like you described here. For me, I am conservative with my changing habits. I will not change until I get my changing cubicle, that's how I have been raised..ha ha. Cheers.

D.N.A.S said...

I think our scores are high due to the fact that we're constantly surrounded by hot babes, right? (My girlfriends, you all better kembang hidung now...)

The Makcik is in her 50s. Kikiki.
If you desperately need to understand bra sizes, I suggest this weekend you head to the nearest shopping complex, go to the lingerie department, then ask the sales assistant to take bra measurement for you. Then, you'll understand what that 38 and that E are all about. :)

dude, can't imagine having a 38E and running bra-less on the treadmill. Hujan ribut petir nanti, I tell you!

If I were a graph, I'd be the straight line most of the times, with unpredictable spikes! Expect the unexpected from me, sometimes.

aku nak balik kampung ni sebenarnya. Pagi Isnin kena pegi court. (Tapi aku bukan key witness for THAT trial la.)

now you still go to gym or not? I don't call myself a gym buff la. I just go when it's convenient.

guess499 said...

haha.. macam2 ada...

nikfarizah said...

hahaha.hhehee...your story lighten up my boring day...Well, if that makcik is still young, probably she would just go bra-less with her party dress.

UglyButAdorable said...

i hope with the gym n all that makcik's is still heading at least slightly north..hahhahhaaa

all jazzed up said...

OMG, all my friends are melons OK, you're an E and dalina is a G and I bet fin is either a D or an E too. Hana pun mesti sama! I need transplants!!!!

Angel Eyes said...

So far i didn't see those kinda things at my gym lah. But i'll try to look for those!

D.N.A.S said...

kadang2, macam pasar malam pun ada.

happy holidaying and shopping, ok?

eh... makcik tu okaaaaay....

try the push ups first. Or maybe u should put on some weight, and pray that most of it will go there.

come to my gym la.... nanti I introduce you to that Makcik. :)

rizamae said...

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