Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Three In One

This is one of the postings when I'm cramming so many things into one. That could mean I'm either busy, very busy, extremely busy or just in the mood of cramming things. :)

1) Fish for father

Not my father, my kids’ father. My father passed away in June 1996, when I was still studying. My kids’ father bought me new slippers for father’s day. Hehehe. What ever day it is, it’s always shoes day for women.
We had a quiet celebration at Manhattan Fish Market on Sunday. They had a promotion of a free desert and a family picture taken for us on that special day. Then we went to have a carousel ride. What ever day it is, it’s always ‘horse day’ for the kids. Hehehe.

2) Thank you for the oscar.

I have never had a formal education on presentation skills or public speaking. Nor have I ever been properly trained on speaking or interpersonal communication (personal coaching is very much welcomed here. Hehehe.)
Nevertheless, I’ve done many presentations in front of my customers. Talking is never my specialty. Standing in front of scrutinizing eyes is one of my greatest fears. Bombarded with technical questions (that included stupid questions most of the times) when you’re as good as a brain dead situation sometimes could mean a career suicide to me.
Yet, I braved them all. I’ve even done a technical presentation (that was more like a testimonial sharing) in front of a crowd about 1,000 people at Sunway Convention Center back in 2003. Until today, I still couldn’t believe that I was once on that stage, bluffing all the way. (I hope you’re not one of the audiences then. Yes, I had no idea what I was talking about that day.)
Last week, my manager got me to attend a formal Presentation Skills training for 2 days. I got this Oscar for participating. We jotted down all the important notes on it. There were many techniques being taught in the classroom. By now, I’ve forgotten 90% of them. Hehehe.
At the end of the 2 days, my only conclusion was: What you need most is guts and passion. The rest will come along.

3) The world is filled with bad people

Last month, my neighbor’s house was broken into in broad daylight. They lost some valuables including credit cards and golden accessories. Yesterday morning, while driving my kids to their school, I saw two police patrol cars parked in front of another neighbor’s house; about 10 other neighbor chit chatting with really concerned face outside the gate. It was another robbery.
My house was robbed about 4 years ago when we were out working. I lost my wedding ring, watch and the kids’ piggy banks.
When I came home from gym last night, turned on the TV to watch the prime news, there came terrible news: a husband and a 7 months pregnant wife were brutally murdered in their house. The murderer successfully denied the rights of 3 people to exist in this world. Taking lives as if he was god. I wonder what went on in the murderer’s mind when he/she was stabbing the victims mercilessly. Didn’t he/she look them in the eyes? Didn’t he/she listen to them begging for their lives? Did he/she leave his/her heart at home before he/she drove to the victim’s place and commit the gruesome act?
Are we human as we claimed ourselves to be? Or would we become more human if we were to live amongst wild animals in the Amazon jungle?
I know most of you are still engrossed with today's daily, scanning through all the news related to 'The High Profile' murder and trial of this decade. Many of us start to do our own theory and analysis. Many would also just refuse to look at the papers or watch the news coverage on the trial as there are people who have lost their faith in the judicial system. Many also would try to get as much inside stories as possible. I fall under the last category of people. So, who has inside stories.... call me, ok?


Jade said...

1. best nyer!!
2. congratulations!
3. am sad... :-(

akula said...

No relation with Razak Baginda. and proud of it!

D.N.A.S said...

you congratulate me on the Oscar or sebab berjaya meng'kelentong' more than 1000 Oracle Developers tu?

i imagine that's written on a black t-shirt with White Comic Sans Seriff font.

ytxis said...

Razak Baginda's viewer and amused by all these!

D.N.A.S said...

nak buat fan club tak?
I bukan lawyer, so my views are from kacamata perempuan IT aje la.

Winged Acrophobic said...

Hearing about robberies and murders in our country makes me angry and sad. Recently, a colleague's almost 70 year-old mom was slashed 5 times just outside her home by a snatch thief. The fatal cut was on her shoulder, severing an artery. She died from loss of blood before reaching the hospital. Her sons are now collecting signatures for a petition to the government and the police to do more to curb crime. Made me realise, e don't find our leaders showing much concern. Could it be that they themselves are safe with their bodyguards and fortress-like homes, and that's ALL they care? What about us the people on the street? Do we just shake our heads in acceptance, until it happens to us? What will become of our beautiful country if the rise in violent crimes are not checked?

Zetty said...

if i am not mistaken, a study showed that crime rate rises when economic desperation is at peak.

UglyButAdorable said...

on that last note...i oso want to know kepoh wit the inside stories..tell me ehh..

the world is going reverse... look at that case where that guy's leg was chopped off cause by infidelity..charges was reduced to manslaugter..wht a joke...

D.N.A.S said...

winged acrophobic,
Ah, what a sad story. Attacking a helpless old lady, that's really inhuman.
maybe we all should build fortress-like homes and start hiring body guards. To all jobless people out there, you know what kind of expertise is in demand now... :)

are we in the state of economic desperation? Camana govt staff boleh dpt salary revision plak, ek?

kepoh sikit-sikit bolehlah, banyak2 cannoooooot.
Eh, why cut off the legs, huh? So that he's limited to certain sex positions only, eh? Hahahaha... !