Monday, July 23, 2007

I Prayed Hard It's Not Dengue

My first son, Waz1f has been having fever since last Tuesday. We went to an ING panel clinic on Tuesday night, his temperature was 39 degrees Celcius and he didn’t go to school the next 2 days. He looked okay on Friday and started playing football with his brother.

On Saturday, after his guitar class he suddenly looked pale and very weak. I drove him to Giant for his favorite 1901, but on the way back he slept and was very grumpy when I woke him up. He even refused to have cendol with his cousins who came that afternoon.

That night his temperature rose again and he was coughing now and then in his sleep. So, Sunday morning we all woke up early; planning to go to the clinic again to get Waz1f’s medicines, later head to Rawang for Daisy’s wedding and then to Sentul for hubby’s friend’s wedding late that afternoon.

However, the plan had to be changed after the doctor took Waz1f’s temperature. It was back to 39 degrees. As she wrote the referral letter, the doctor advised us to bring him for blood test immediately to the nearest hospital. So, we rushed to SJMC (tapi sempat jugak pegi collect ticket wayang Transformers kat IOI Mall on the way to hospital. Hee hee.)

At the hospital we had to wait because there were many patients at the A&E that morning. I saw a really pale looking guy sitting on a wheel chair holding a bottle of 100 Plus. The plaster on his right arm made me guess that he just had some of his blood taken for testing. His wife was patiently waiting for the nurses making arrangement for his hospital admission. I guessed it was a dengue case.

When Waz1f’s name was called, we hurried into the doctor's consultation room. The first question she asked was, ‘Was there any dengue case in your area recently?’ We answered in unison, ‘No’. Then I suddenly said, ‘Yes, there was one. But that’s at my office. My son didn’t go to my office recently.’ Mr. Hubby gave an eye signal for me to stop giving unnecessary information. He he he. Sorry tak sengaja.

Then the doctor took Waz1f’s blood for testing. As usual, he didn’t cry. When he had a fall 2 years ago, and the doctor stitched his forehead, he didn’t cry too. Needles just don’t scare him, I guess. He’s so brave; I think Waz1f is going to be either a doctor or a soldier when he grows up. The only thing that scares him is ‘Jangan Pandang Belakang’ – The Movie.

The result came about an hour later and we were relieved when the doctor confirmed he was not having dengue fever. We got a few more bottles of medicines. Waz1f was much better after I gave him the new medicines. We all agreed that afternoon that maybe his main problem is, he’s only curable by medicines prescribed by SJMC doctors. *Sigh*.

His appetite was back to normal that afternoon when he told me, ‘Mak, nak makan Pizza Hut!’ So, we had Pizza before heading to GSC, IOI Mall to watch Transformers.

Well, I missed Daisy’s wedding and the mini reunion my friends had in Rawang that day. Thanks to Mimin for capturing the moments with her loyal digital camera, I got to see the smiling faces of my friends at her Multiply pages (where I cilok the picture below, hehehe).

Selamat Pengantin Baru Daisy and Adha! Semoga berkekalan ke anak cucu.

Selamat Pengantin Lama untuk couple ni yang bakal merayakan 7th anniversary this coming September. hehehehe. Iye, Nokia N80i yang you tunjuk kat kedai haritu memang sesuai sangat dengan handbag I yang color merah ni. Hint! Hint! Hint!


Angel Eyes said...

Bukan pengantin lama la sis... pengantin forever gitu! Haha.. nampak loving +caring sgt that pix of yours... Amin!

Eh, mcm pernah kudengar jer ayat tu... handbag i pun matching dgn that phone... hehe, hopefully he will buy for you then.

Happy Anniversary sis!


nikfarizah said...

Alhamdulillah your son is feeling better...

N80i...i like!

D.N.A.S said...

sometimes I say, iPod Nano color merah tu kalau letak kat lengan I masa i lari-lari kat treadmill pun okay, or I seribu kali lagi suka dapat gadget daripada bunga. Hehe.

hari ni my son dah pegi sekolah.

Angel Eyes said...

Hehe. Tu pun sounds familliar jer kak oi.

I ada pink ipod. Memamng chantek letak kat lengan i sambil lari2 kat treadmill.

all jazzed up said...

great to hear that your wazif is better! and it's not dengue too!
btw, wish you were there at daisy's wedding - we were quite an uncontrollable crowd.. heheheh.. siap ex-headgirl call for meeting lagi kat depan pelamin dalam living room tu (tak malu betul budak2 STF). Can you believe that??

p/s: i'm sure your hubby very de generous - N80i!!!!

akula said...

Phew! Thats a relief.

Azer Mantessa said...

skrang musim demam ... cuaca tak menentu ... ramai budak2 demam.

selamat pengantin baru kepada daisy.

happy coming 7th anniversary :D

D.N.A.S said...

Laila will forever be headgirl. It's like 'sudah sebati dengan jiwa dia'. If I was there, memang patah terus katil pengantin tu. Hahaha.

ye, sgt relieved. Otherwise, kena duduk spital seminggu woooo....

My colleague told me now is musim viral fever. Recurring night fever with severe headaches. Ramai budak2 kecik yang kena. Kesian diorang, nak sekolah pun tak boleh.

D.N.A.S said...

u have the Pink one? Bestnyeeee....
But the red one nampak sangat vogue (especially when it becomes mine, someday...hahaha)

Nour said...

alhamdulillah it was NOT dengue :)

BTW hinting 2 mths in advance for that awesome phone....very smart I tell ya!!!

Wah 7 years...Congratulations :)

missy is K.U said...

phew..musim skrg kot ni kak. i nye demam tak betah2 since 2 weeks ago.

WANSHANA said...

Alhamdulillah it was not dengue. And glad to hear that he's back in school already.

There's a kind of bug going around - my daughter has been having fever on and off for the last 4 days, having dizzy spells, etc. She got it from her Ayah, who has been having it for the last 1 week.

Nothing much we can do, except making sure that the patient rest a lot, drink plenty of water, and try to keep the temperature down by giving PCM when needed. It also helps to cool down with a bath or shower when the fever gets really high.

AND - Happy 7th Anniversary! Hope your impian Nokia N8oi tercapai..Hehehe!

Angel Eyes said...

Red one is very sexy ok!

Cepatlah pujuk cik abang belikan, nanti kita pi gym boleh pakai sama2

D.N.A.S said...

tactic.... jangan tak tactic. :)

kena banyak-banyak minum air and makan buah. Take care, ok.

kak shana,
maybe we can call this viral fever:- musim demam durian.
Yesterday, tengok iklan N76 kat tv, ada yg color merah lah. Cantik jugak tu.

dalam process pujuk memujuk le ni. Hehehe.