Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy happy Friday

I saw a sudden surge on my blog's page hit this morning and realized, oh maybe people are expecting to see some pictures and stories from last night's event: the 3S Dinner. Well, I didn't go. So sorry you all.... Kita mampu merancang, hanya tuhan menentukan... hehehe.
Anyway, I'm sure everybody who went had a great and unforgettable time. I dropped by at PICC at about 6pm yesterday to say hi to a few friends who were busy with preparation there and i have to admit that the venue was a really good choice: for such a grand celebration.
When I was about to leave the hall, I approached the registration counter and saw 2 of my seniors packing the goodie bags. They smiled and one of them said, 'You Dayang kan? Programme book nya mana sayang? Tak sampai-sampai lagi ni? Kita dah abih pack dah goodie bag ni tapi takde programme book nak letak sekali.' I was in a panic, because I thought everything was going on smoothly. Then I frantically started calling a few people from the comittee. Thank god the thousands of programme books were already somewhere in PICC and taken care of. Phew!
But then, why lah.... every time dinner sure ada banyak benda last minute punya. Ingatkan kat high school dulu je study last minute (macam la kat Uni tak study last minute). Hehehehe. Tapi, kalau smooth sailing sangat, tak thrill pulak, kan?

For some pics and videos, go to Spena's blog.
Check out Mimin's surreal experiences at 3S dinner, too!


najib's text writer said...

Phew! You can say that again. My car is smelling funny from those books. Whylah tak join?

D.N.A.S said...

Najib's text writer (why not jadik Najib's Typewriter je? hihihi),

thank god I didn't offer my tiny car. hahahaha.

I didn't join because of:
a. .......
b. .......
c. .......
Please fill in the blanks. Hehehe.

Hey, kalau ada appreciation lunch ke, apa ke don't forget to invite me, ok. In case I can't make it too, boleh jugak tapau. :)

all jazzed up said...

tu la dayang, i was looking forward to see you there last nite.. kau takde pulak. next time! but the dinner was good (clean) fun. heheh.

D.N.A.S said...

wow, uols looked so vogue in the pics la! Ceria-ceria belaka. Sure kepoh abis, kan? Can't wait for the next NSSC eating/bitching session. Dah lama tak bising2. :)

Da Winged Acrophobic said...

dnas, kita sama-sama tunggu the next one lah.

D.N.A.S said...

winged acrophobic,
next one? The 3S dinner for 100th year celebration? Wow, kita sungguh ambitious.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi dnas,

Yes I heard about this dinner tiga serangkai..interesting idea...only who got the top billing (this is always an issue I think). May I know how about speeches by the presidents? I wish I could go, am really interested to know how the three alumni could share so well. I think it takes a lot of tact and humility. I know how associations work...hmm...he he.

Our 60th anniversary dinner is on 18th Aug. I am excited..he he.

D.N.A.S said...

Kak Ruby,
from my experience working with the other 2 alumni, everybody was very down to earth and very realistic and fair. Although we only have about 3 weeks to prepare, everything turned out well (at least that's how I perceived, lah).
Congrats on your 60th anni! Where's the grand celebration? Inviting other alumni too?