Monday, August 06, 2007

System Upgrade! *puke*

I will be stuck in one of these buildings until middle of this month. This is one of the moments when I just hate Putrajaya, especially this Precinct where parking is impossible to get (even early in the morning) except the very expensive Secure Parking. The name is Secure, but I can't guarantee how secure it is as there was a robbery case there some time ago. Anyway, it was a 'pukau and samun' case, so can't really blame the parking operator.

I've been working here since last Friday and throughout the weekends. This customer is an account I'm very familiar with, but this time the whole system upgrade thing is so depressing. In the midst of yelling customer, angry users (hey, takde keje, boleh lepak... takkan marah kot?), impatient application engineers and hardware failures, it felt more like a war zone here. And I have to do system config in THIS environment... argh!!! It's just like trying to solve a very complicated differential equation at the 'pasar malam'.

To top up all the madness, the partner suddenly urged me to speed up a few activities. Hello! Project execution plan has been agreed upon and signed off months ago, no way I'm going to cut-short critical activities like these. This is one of the reasons why working in IT really sucks. Many IT managers (from the customer or partner's side) will always give instructions like: "I wanna have this resolved/done by tonight. By hook or by crook, the system must be ready by tomorrow! "

Although we work with machines, we're still humans. It's even sadder when some IT managers have never been in the field before. It's just like somebody from Accounts department being put as Technical Director. Wargh...! Very sickening.

Usually after this kind of madness, I will fall sick. If Boss doesn't allow me some time off, I'll definitely call in sick.

Did I mention earlier that the upgrade tasks require me to be standing in front of the console (which is about waist-high) for hours? After 5 days, every inch of my body is now aching. The worst thing is, I can't sleep well at night. This is going to be my Zombie week!


Angel Eyes said...

Cuba letak i kat sana, gerenti i boleh nangis!

Oohh... i pegi area precint jer dah boleh pening kepala ankc arik parking, eh you makan makan kat mane eh? alamanda?

sabar jer la sis....

katakbesar said...

parking in Putrajaya
is f**king nonsense

imagine, at Parcel C and D
even the gomen staff who work there
need to park outside of the building / compund
and sampai tepi jalan tu haa

surely, i think
when Dr. M visualised the planning
for Putrajaya as the new admin city
he didnt want this to happen
but yet again, the designers and contractors
didnt look very deep into these
parking spaces and workers' behaviour in going to work in Putrajaya
i.e. each tend to drive their own car

another example is at Precint 8
where there are foodcourts,
4 banks, commercial outlets, schools and residential ares
parking (during peak hours - lunch) ?
f**king nightmare !!!

D.N.A.S said...

I makan kat kafe sini je. Malas nak drive pegi Alamanda. Lagipun takde geng. Imagine, I'm now having 90% interactions with machines and 10% with people. After this project concludes, I'll need re-learn on how to socialize. Hahahahah!

D.N.A.S said...

I usually go for late lunch. At the cafe pun manusia penuh, kena kuis orang baru nampak meja. Yesterday I spent about 9 hours here, the parking fee was RM19! Hehehe... rabak lagi poket Makcik.

mw.syafina said...

"I wanna have this resolved/done by tonight. By hook or by crook, the system must be ready by tomorrow! "

been there done that.paling benci ayat by hook or by crook tu.memang a bit difficult kalau dpt manager yang bukan technical.boleh bikin tensi ini otak

The Winged Acrophobic said...

Malam Perdana jangan zombie. Maybe you can squeeze in a refreshing spa session to freshen up?

mikamusz said...

kak dayang, boleh claim takpe, kalau x leh masak lah.. last time kan kita park tepi jalan je, then bila the guards tu sibuk letakk kon yg separuh abad tu, dah tak boleh park.. keta - keta kerajaan tu letak le tempat lain, bagi le kita - kita ni park.. dah ler parking dia mengconfusekan.. ada pentunjuk pun cam x de petunjuk.. tempat tuk visitor pun dia org sapu bersih gak

D.N.A.S said...

aku tengah sakit badan, jiwa dan raga le ni melayan kerenah manusia-manusia ni.

the winged acrophobic,
Not sure whether i have the energy for Malam Perdana. Tsk tsk tsk.

ramai yang belasah je park merata-rata tapi masalahnya ada banyak kes pecah kereta kat situ. Dilema tak sudah Makcik dibuatnya.

IBU said...

Oh ho ho ho....

Di sini ghupanya dia yer? Bloghop from WanShana and found you ...

How are you sis?

D.N.A.S said...

ibuk Ieja,
khabar kepenatan le kak. Drained and having SDS (sleep deprievation syndrome). Anyway, welcome to my membebel place(s).

all jazzed up said...

my conclusion kat malaysia ni whenever ANY building is constructed they never think about parking. purposely kot? sebab orang mesia suka sgt parking tepi jalan, double park, triple park, etc... putrajaya... so much space, so little parking. btw my mood is so kureng for tha dinner tomorrow and i will be wearing the same baju to work straight to the super glamorous GALA DINNER. hrmph.

D.N.A.S said...

confirmed, I can't make it tonight. Still slaving myself at this cold data center behind all these equipment racks.
Your work clothes okay what... unlike mine. I'm sure many heads will turn if I come in my work clothes - that are long pants, windbreaker and sneakers. Sungguh tak sesuai.