Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ignorance Is Bliss

Can you imagine your hubby parading in your lingerie and most probably in your stilletos in front of the mirror? Hmmmm..... not a really good sight, unless your hubby is the fair and 'jambu' type with minimum hair on the parts other than his head (upper head I mean).

So, what should we do women of the Millenium.... should we catch our hubbies cross dressing?

Perhaps we can:
1. Drag him to his parents' place for a few hours of 'ceramah'?
2. Snap some pictures, enlarge and frame them?
3. Join the party, we cross dress as man?
4. Cry? (buat drama lebih-lebih sikit)
5. Give him a few hours of 'ceramah'?
6. Interrogate him? (kalau dah cross dress, mesti ada pasang jantan, nih!)

Life as a woman is getting more challenging these days. I wonder why many men want to become us.

Updated 3rd August (Spena's Birthday!) 2.34pm:

After Googling further (apasal la keje aku asyik mengGoogle aje sekarang ni?), I found proofs that the letter is not real. It's a spoof of "Dear Miriam" that appeared in a satirical publication. Kesian Dr. Miriam Stoppard, orang buat lawak macam ni kat dia....


akula said...

Count me out.

all jazzed up said...

dayang, dah ketandusan idea nak buat apa? or maybe he's been the closet gay all this while... heheh.. gay ok lagi... tapi DRAG QUEEN??? Tak kuasa!!

nachos said...

errr...i think my attention was drawn to the answer by Miriam rather than the problem/question posed. Miriam says...pekehalnya. sok kabar mana kau celok nih.

The Winged Acrophobic said...

Errrrr.... not me.

AM said...

never mind the cross-dressing-hubby-proble (which is memang gross dan upsetting). look at the advise given by Miriam! hillarious!

D.N.A.S said...

no... you're automatically in. Hihihihi.

Drag Queen.. teringat aku last weekend tengok Ahmad Tarmimi Serigar berlakon jadik Mak Nyah tua kat Drama Astro. Tajuk dia Wali.

aku pun tak tau le surat khabar mana ni.

winged acrophobic,
sure ah? are you really sure? Hehehe... admitting it is the first step to overcome the problem...L.O.L.

itu pasal le tajuk posting ni Ignorance Is Bliss. Miriam tu taknak pening2 kepala jawab soalan pasal cross dresser, maka dia bagi solution untuk masalah kereta pompuan tu. Hahahaha. I pun selalu buat camni kat opis.