Monday, October 08, 2007

I so wanna puke

I so wanna puke when I have to listen to somebody giving instructions at the speed of an F1 car. Hellooooo! I had to digest the charts you’re showing me and at the same time you expect me to absorb your words that came to my ears like machine-gun shots? I’m no superhuman with out-of-this-world superpowers; don’t give me that ‘You are slow.’ look if I couldn’t keep up. Hmmph… I just hate to work with ‘some’ women.

Okay, ignore my PMS.

The blogland and my FB are rather less meriah than usual today. Has everybody gone back to kampong? That explains the offline mode. I’ll be taking a total of 4 days of annual leave; plus the weekends and public holidays, I’ll be away from the office for 10 days. Yippeeeee! I’m dispensable, I can take long leave. Yippeeeee again!

If I make myself redundant, I can take even longer leaves. Then the management wouldn’t know what to do with me and that will lead to 2 possibilities. They’ll either have to promote me or fire me. The first possibility sounds good. But, if I opt for bigger challenges and excel, then I’ll be recognized. If I’m recognized, I’m bound to have more responsibilities. By then, I don’t think I can get long Raya leave like this. Hmmmmm…. Oh sh*t, life is full of dilemma.

Oh yeah, I had a phone interview this morning with an MNC. The post was something I’ve been hunting for lately, but too bad it is contract based. I had to say no. The interview ended right after the interviewer told me the post is not permanent. The good news is, now I know how to say NO. Yippeee!

Yesterday, we had a buka puasa beramai-ramai with my ex-colleagues from Excebix. (Jade, u tak datang tak dapat kitorang nak nengok kereta baru yang shining2 tuh…) The venue was Tropicana Golf Club House. Wah, so many people. During the first round of helpings, I couldn’t see where the food was. I missed most of my favorite dishes.

Even at 8.30pm, the place was still swamped with people. That was the second time I entered Tropicana Resort and I was impressed with the big houses in there. Iye, orang Malaysia memang kaya-kaya. Waz1f asked, ‘Mak nanti belilah rumah macam ni.’ Insyaallah…. If I ever become a multimillionaire or some oil tycoon decided to make me his adopted daughter. Ha ha ha. To all oil tycoons out there, I’m available for adoption! Or, you can always include me in your will. Even if it’s only 5% of your assets, I don’t mind… (God, is my PMS turning me into some materialistic bimbo?)

Talking about bimbo, I have a confession to make. I get along very well with bimbos. I don’t understand why some women despise them. They’re really easygoing, would laugh at all my silly jokes. I can always share my stupid stories with them. Even if I’m not making jokes, they’d still giggle after every sentence. The best thing is, they’re always spontaneous as they didn’t waste much time doing the thinking part. To all bimbos out there, you girls rawwwwwk! (Bila you all dah kaya-raya, you belanja I, ok?)


all jazzed up said...

Oi babe, sangat materialistic ok! Even when you talk about bimbos the bottom line is always "bila you all dah kaya raya belanja I, ok?" Teruk nampak gayanya PMS awak ni.

John F SeaDemon said...

I love bimbos. My pick-up lines would be sooooo simple.

"Someone told me you bought a beautiful underwear. Can I have a look, please?"

Blame it on my PMS.

Jade said...

tak per.. nanti lepas raya bley tengok. ;-)

Spena said...

DNAS! bulan pose ni nampak nya PMS kite ni teruk-teruk belaka. SeaDemon pun jangkit jugak tau!

Anonymous said...

Oik Yang ... ko ingat tak zaman2 kita belajar kat U dholu2, time tak leh puasa siap masak sardin kat ghumah pastu makan dengan lahapnya, tapi kantoi sbb ko sedawa bau sardin dlm kelas hahahahaha ... seingat aku arwah zul ngan petai yg tegur ... what a sweet memory that we had during our remaja time ...

deqnon ...

D.N.A.S said...

all jazzed up,
come to think of it, jadik bimbo pun best, kan? heh heh. (mampus aku kena kutuk lepas ni.)

let me guess their usual answer,
'Jom kita compare underwear kita, nak?'
betul tak? betul tak?

yeay2, lepas raya kita gi makan sushi pastu ronda2 naik yr new car, okkay?

D.N.A.S said...

aku tak paham camana SD boleh dpt PMS. Bukan dia tu mengalami XDS ke?

isy, ingaaat. Aku siap basuh muka & gosok gigi lepas lunch sardin tu. Ingatkan berjaya lah lakonan aku kat kelas petang tu. Tah camana boleh sendawa kat depan budak berdua tu. Isy, kantoi... kantoi...

UglyButAdorable said...

weeiihh...kiter mesti materialistik you....kalau tak camner nak perasan byk byk.....hahahhaaaaaa....

kalau yg angkat u tu, duda terlajak ke apa kerr..tolong rekomen cheq noooo...hihiii...

salam aidilfitri to you and clan..

east43street said...

Those kind of boss memang dah ramai sekarang ni. Better be your own boss, lagi baik. Hmmm.... thinking of being my own boss. Bukak gerai roti canai kot.

ruby ahmad said...

My dear,

Your PMS will level this hols, I gusrantee ya..ha ha.

SELAMAT HARI RAYA to you and family.

Drive carefully.

WANSHANA said...

Reading your entry about bimbos - teringat lah pulak reality show "Beauty and the Geek" tu... You can't get more bimbo than the bimbos in that show.

Having said that, you also can't get more geek than the geeks in there, too!

Sakit jiwer I tengok! (I know, I know...tak der orang yang paksa I tengok pun... hehehe!)

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin, my dear.

Take care.

D.N.A.S said...

apsal nak go for duda or teruna terlajak? Try tackle those young, single and available guys pun okay, what... Or your taste is teruna terlajak? hahaha.

gerai murtabak pun okay. Dlm banyak2 gerai kat Bazaar ramadhan kat KL ni, gerai yg paling laku ialah yg jual murtabak and roti john.

kak ruby,
i can't wait to have my favorite lemang and rendang kerbau. Hmmmm... bestnyeee...

kak shana,
tengok show tu rasa macam bahagia jugak kalau jadik bimbo, kan? tak payah nak risau2 pasal politik dunia ke, krisis ekonomi ke.