Monday, December 10, 2007

The Virtual Slitherine

During a unit meeting a few weeks back, boss told us that he’d rather have us in the office doing nothing that letting us ‘mengular’ at customers’ offices, KLCC, One utama, The Curve etc. Since my boss was once a project engineer like me, he knows all the tricks and arrangements we made to ensure we got to ‘mengular’ at least 3 times weekly. Usually, if we have appointments at customers’ place in the morning, we won’t come back to the office in the afternoon.

The good thing about it is we won’t be wasting electricity and network bandwidth at the office. I don’t see any point why we should be in the office killing time when I could do better things the whole afternoon, like going to the gym, have a few rounds of coffee sessions with my LoL (Ladies of Leisure) friends or doing free reading marathon from rack to rack at Borders . If there’s an urgent call or I’m needed anywhere, I’m just a phone call away. I can even work from home, coffee shop, kopitiam, Red Box Karaoke and many other places that provide Wi-Fi at their premises.

I believe in on-demand services and being a result oriented person, I don’t like the idea of sitting half asleep at my cubicle pretending I’m busy with something. The fact that my cubicle is right in front of the entrance is the biggest minus point for having to be in the office.

Thank god Leilanie invited me to join Facebook. Mr Hubby asked me what it’s all about. I told him it’s a time wasting tool. Yeah, I have a lot of time to waste when I’m not busy with projects. Rather than pretending to work, I might as well amuse myself with the games and applications provided at Facebook. At least, after 3 Scrabulous games, I’ve learned 6 new English words!

Somehow, I think my boss is happy with websites like Facebook. His engineers are hooked up but they’re in the office – although virtually ‘mengular’ but it’s easy for him to monitor. Maybe he’d be happier if I forward him messages like this:

*** Between your legs****
Everybody.. lets get this started and see what creative movie titles we can come up with.. here's the rules.. think up a movie title(ANY movie title), and add "Between Your Legs" to the movie title..ill get it goin...continue to forward this!!!

Adele:- The Kingdom Between Your Legs

Gail :- Gone in 60 Seconds Between Your Legs

Cindy :- Rush Hour Between Your Legs

Patrick :- Gone with the wind Between your legs

Carl :- Finding Nemo Between your legs

Damian:- Mad MAx Between your legs

David:- Armageddon Between your legs

Andre: - 300 Between your legs

Trace: - Dirty Dancing Between your legs...

Amy: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Between Your Legs

Jordy: Midnight Express Between your legs

Joshua: Training Day Between your legs

Callie: Cruel Intentions Between your Legs

Tom: Final Fantasy Between your legs

Garrett: The Abyss Between your legs

Ji; Dirty dancing Between your legs

Belinda - Fast and Furious between your legs

Zac- Finding Nemo between your legs

San-Dodge ball between your legs

Norman - The Phantom Menace between your legs

Jazz - The city of lost children between your legs

Aileen - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon between your legs

Anand - The Cave between you legs

Indy- The Swamp Thing between your legs

Faezah - I Am Legend between your legs

Jasmeen - The Usual Suspects between your legs

*pasted from my Facebook Superwall


che' nah (lagi! :P) said...

hahaha... here i am again... sebab yeah... i'm utilising the 'flexi' nature of my job... pergi opis pagi2 buta (read: 7+ am), kul 9+ cabut pi beli kek @ secret recipe (in my defense, i'm just assiting the nursery/kindergarten to get their cakes at a good price for their 'yearly birthday bash' for the children... :P -- buy one, get one free... once every 10 years type of offer maaa... :P).

so penat dah meng-ular (or should it be me-naga really? -- a much bigger size c.f. the ular the naga is.. :P), balik rumah kejap, and cook2 a bit since malam nih ada midterm test and i need to go back to campus kul 6 for it.

yeah, i'm a lecturer.

so i plonk the chicken into the hot oil, and kekejap, check internet. now the packet says, '20 minutes' till the chicken is golden and crispy. and i've forgotten if it's been 10, 15, or 20 minutes. pai seh... baru nak jadik isteri mithali... hahaha...

so maybe that's why i'm not into FB... when i need to, i put in well over 12 hours, else, i'm off. it's the quality, rather than the quantity, that counts, hear ye! hear ye! ;)

D.N.A.S said...

che' nah,
my colleague just told me about the buy 1 free 1 cake at Secret Recipe. But my son's birthday is on Wednesday. The kids don't like refrigerated cakes. I'll probably be baking tomorrow. Selangor cuti besok, anyway..... yeay yeay!

Nour said...
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Nour said...

betul, buat apa dok melekat at the cubicle when you are not productive. Just like when some bosses expect their staff to work longer hours i.e stay back after work..that is so inefficient and unproductive. When you stay back too often yr mind gets overloaded, you make loads of errors and on top of it the company looses. So it is best to work efficiently go home early, have a good rest and come to work the next day mentally fresh and recharged to start a whole new day..hehehe :)

sYaNa said...

hi :o)

i got that on facebook too but when i tried to add my line ... it didn't get through.

Wanna know what i wanted to write?

Something's Gotta Give Between Your Legs (Jack Nicholson & Diane Keaton)


btw, I'm a frequent reader of your blog ... lost you once (i think you had a different blog then), but found you again!

keep it up :o)

Jade said...

kakak! i never knew you'd be mengulaq kat luar! otherwise we could've meet up since my nature of "job" requires me to disappear from the office often too! haih! but like you said, now we have facebook! your move on scrabulous by the way! hehehe...

dillazag said...

I am all for mengular as long as your work gets done.. :) I feel you Kak Dayang!! :)

che' nah -- fancy meeting you here, my dear.. heh heh heh

D.N.A.S said...

thanks for frequenting this blog.

I think there's a character limit for FB superwall, if you need to forward long messages, try deleting some lines first.

i'm now hunting for a job like yours. Haha.

u taknak ambik I keje report kat u ke? I rajin keje, tapi rajin jugak mengular... haha

D.N.A.S said...

bila duduk lama-lama kat ofis, not only your kepala will be tepu, but your muscles will start becoming sore too. Then, the air-conditioning will dry your skin faster than people who only spend 8 hours in their offices.
Isy, I have 1001 plus points not to stay in the office for too long.

kimi azhan said...

Dee - mengular is like part and parcel of stress management actually... if you look at the context of managing the human relationship and sanity! hehehe... professional way of defending "mengular related" activities!!

john f seademon said...

Can I have a game of Scrabulous with you please?

D.N.A.S said...

if you work here, you are so going to be my favorite manager.

invite le. I currently have only 3 active games yang tak habih-habih lagi ni.

AM said...

LOL = Ladies of Leisure?! hah. comel tu.

D.N.A.S said...

LoL is my ultimate cita-cita..... seronok tu.

john f seademon said...

dah invite dah...jom waste time playing Scrabulous