Friday, December 14, 2007

Of Luck and Love

You're gonna need a lot of luck to find love. Some people have love staring in their faces, yet they are unlucky enough to not notice it.

Shawqi is one of the luckiest kids in town this year as The Mummy decided to bake him birthday cupcakes. The Mummy is not so well versed with all this frosting thingy, thus he gets the runny yet yummylicious chocolate syrup frosting to cover the Peanut Butter Surprise Cupcakes.

The Mummy was planning to save some money so that she could afford to pay for Shawqi's school fees next semester, that's the main reason she decided to have homemade cakes this year. But, when The Mummy brought the two siblings to Jusco to buy the Jalur Gemilangs, they insisted (while stomping their feet) to have afternoon tea at Secret Recipe. The Mummy had no choice and the three of them had 3 slices of the celebrity cakes with fresh juices that rainy afternoon.

That just defeated the purpose of The Mummy slaving herself in the kitchen.

Anyway, the Celebrity Cakes turned to be just so-so. The two siblings were so excited to see the packed Jalur Gemilang Peanut Butter Surpise that night. However, Wazif asked, 'Why so small?'. As usual, The Mummy's answer was 'Kecik lah best...., semua orang boleh dapat satu. Nanti kakak tu tak payah potong-potong...'

They celebrated Shawqi's 5th birthday at the nursery with their friends on Wednesday morning.

Last night The Mummy baked again but this time it was a different recipe (which she stumbled upon in the internet during one of her 'mengular' sessions.)

At first The Mummy thought she could bring the cuppies to office the next day as the previous batch of b'day cuppies were just enough for the kids at nursery. Then the Two Siblings entered the kitchen and insisted (stomping their feet again and again) they get to bring some for their friends, too.

Finally The Mummy had to divide the 30 cuppies into 4 goodie bags. One for the kids, one for Mr. Hubby (who's getting even more famous now in the office... hahaha), one for The Mummy's friend who celebrated her birthday on Tuesday and one for the officemates.

Then, The Mummy cilok one cuppy from one of the goodie bags to have a taste. Hmmmm.... yummmm... the buttercream was one of the best ever. Nothing like the ones usually found in local bakeries. Thanks to WWW!

Note: The Mummy also realized that her piping skills suck. Need to attend one of the cake decorating classes once this Pasir Gudang project is closed.


AM said...

"That just defeated the purpose of The Mummy slaving herself in the kitchen" hahaha. cute!

D.N.A.S said...

cita-cita asalnya, taknak beli anything from SR this year, tapi tak kesampaian le cita-cita makcik tu.... hihihi.

ardy said...

So when can I start placing orders for those cupcakes?

Looks yummylicious!

Zetty said...

next time, pls remember this "must save one cupcake for zetty. must save one cupcake for zetty. must save one cupcake for zetty. must save one cupcake for zetty.".

thank you.

john f seademon said...

Can you be my mummy please? My Ibu (Jazmeen) masak but never ajak me eat. I'm so depressed now I can BBQ a whole lamb and finish it by myself.

Azer Mantessa said...

selamat hari raya aidil adha ... maaf zahir dan bathin dan selamat menyambut tahun baru 2008.

AphroditeKuzz said...

bday i tak lama lagi mummy...

Redhead said...

they look so nice... betta bake me some on my bday.. 19th July... hehe. :P

D.N.A.S said...

nanti sat nooooo..... kasi makcik masuk kursus menghias kek dulu, ok?

next time kalau i buat, i save one for you, tapi you kena datang pick-up, ok? Nak kena Save one piece ke one box, cik kak oi?

D.N.A.S said...

that you'll have to nego with Wazif and Shawqi... hihihi.

selamat hari raya juga to you and family. Kampung I banjir, so tak balik raya.

D.N.A.S said...

tak lama lagi? sempat tak I nak masuk decorating class dulu?

we are the July babies! If I courier cupcakes to your place, how long they'd take to reach you? I think the shelf life (not fridged or frozen) for cupcakes is only 3 days.