Sunday, December 23, 2007

Working not sleeping.

What a joyous season, it's cold but not snowing. It's silent because nobody's here. It's hectic, but I'm not cooking ... nor baking ... nor ushering guests. It's all of the above because I'm working hard in the data center far far away from civilisation.

I know, it's hectic but why in the world am I updating my blog? So, I think you have to know that rule number one of my job: Waiting is part of the job scope.

Install one component - wait.
Configure one component - wait.

The human have to wait while the machine does its work - processing data.

What makes the human lose sanity? After hours of waiting for the machine to do its work, the machine gives an error code saying it just fails on the last part of its work. Damn!

Normal people who are so used to using Microsoft windows would say, 'If it fails, re-install, lah...'

Well, firstly people like me who do all these high end computer thingy are abnormal.
Secondly, comparing installing software on your PC to high end computer installation is like comparing building a small toilet to building a 20 storeys apartment.

This is one of the moments when I'd like to scream 'I HATE MY JOB! I HATE IT!' to the whole world. Since this place is so far from civilisation, I decided to just set one of my passwords to 'f*ckIT'.

Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends! and have a happy New Year.


john f seademon said...


It's cold but it's not snowing...cos it's cold in my heart.

It's silent but it's not your office...just the sound of being alone.

I like your password.

Happy New Year, ma'am

RsRz said...

It's me again, your silent reader. Unhappy with life, unhappy with work. Tsk... tsk... take it easy la. One of these days I will email you, kay?

DrFrappucino said...

makk aiii marahnyer dieeee.

btw your film title + btwn d legs jokes cracked me up good

Zetty said...

i can so feel the pain by reading when reading this entry. siap tukar password yg tak tahan tu hehe.

D.N.A.S said...

happy New year to you too!

send email aje ke? apsal tak send $$$$$ ke, new Tag Hauer watch ke, Chanel perfume ke, Ferragamo shoes ke....

eh, mana ada marah.... membebel je...

another apps password was changed to 'f*ck*ff', another to 'f*ckyou' and one of my anonymous email IDs is 'damnit'.

Nour said...

yikess....I feel for you gurl!!Having to be in far away land and especially when it is a festive season eh! Anyways...hang in there ya!

Da Winged Acrophobic said...

Tu dia! Your password truly shows how bengang you were.... Sorry but tergelak sebab lucu.

D.N.A.S said...

the worst part was, on Sunday I was working alone there. Even the technician didn't come to the office. Nasib baik tak kena kacau dengan hantu. I've heard a few ghost stories there. But then, kalau dah I dok menyumpah seranah every few minutes, hantu pun takut nak dekat kot. Hahaha.

En. Wingy,
memang bengang. The PM and customer were pushing me to work on weekends but there's no one there to provide support or at least accompany me, lah. Sungguh tidak adil. Malaysian men are so not gentleman.