Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cerita pasal high BP la pulaaaak....

I found out I have high blood pressure in July this year, two weeks after my 34th birthday. The doctor asked me to come to the clinic for three days in a row. When my BP remained high, the doctor recommended me to take a blood test.

Initially the doctors suspected it was caused by work or relationship pressure, but after taking 1 day leave, pampered myself at the spa and went for a retail therapy didn’t seem to help lower my BP, the doctor suspected it must’ve been caused by other factors. Internal organ problems could be among them. The bad news was, according to the doctor if I was having high BP because of hereditary factor, it would be difficult to treat. Well, at least 2 of my brothers have it, as well as my mom. My late father and grandmy also had it. *Sigh*

I took the blood test but only went to get the results after I came back from my vacation. Seriously, that was one of the stupidest things I ever did in my adult life. But, I just didn’t want anything to spoil my holiday mood.

Before the doctor knew what was wrong with me, she immediately put me under her weight management plan. It was a 5 minutes lecture on healthy living and eating nutritious food. And she told me to lose 10 kg in 4 months. Yeah, my jaw just dropped and I felt like banging my head on her computer monitor because I knew how impossible that was. I lost a few kgs between May and July because I started swimming. But to lose 10kg more in just 4 months? Wow, that’s a challenge.

So, after I came back from my week long vacation, I paid the doctor a visit to know my blood test result. As I expected, it was due to high level of bad cholesterol. It’s supposed to be quite a bad news but I found myself thanking god because it was not caused by the other factors. I have a work colleague who had high BP and after some time, he found out that he was having kidney problems.

Since the cholesterol level was quite high, the doctor had to prescribe me some medicine which could cause drowsiness. After 4 months, I will be going for another blood test.

Meanwhile, I was advised to stop taking oily, creamy and fatty food. I had to strike out all of my favorite food. No more fine-dining, extended coffee sessions and Ramadhan buffet! Steamed vege, fish and chicken are the best food for me for the time being. So far, I tried to follow the doctor’s advice, but if my only buka puasa choice was from the Pasar Ramadhan there’s not much healthy food I could find there. Had to be happy with Laksa Penang, bubur lambuk (tapi ada santan jugak) and tauhu sumbat.

On top of all that, I’m now taking Herbalife. At least it helps to reduce the hunger and cravings. At the same time, I finally managed to shed some more weight. I’ll probably manage to meet the 10kg reduction targeted by the doctor. So, after Aidilfitri I will update my experience with Herbalife. Thanks to Ku_E for the recommendation and guidance. Have a blessed Ramadhan everybody!


all jazzed up said...

Babe, two years back I took Herbalife.. for two weeks only.. Because it didn't help. In fact it whetted my appetite even more, I was eating like mad. But a lot of people I know have lost a lotta weight with Herbalife. Maybe its just me.. Hehehe.. insatiable...

Jade said...

aiseh.. tak per, it's still not too late to start eating healthy. here's to speedy recovery!

john f seademon said...


Jom pi makan!

Anonymous said...

huh..dayang ...kener lose 10 kg in 4 mths.....sunnguh challengingg....aku nei pun berat yg amat sangat....rasa masa age2 kita nei mmg payah betul la nak lose weight..dah jadik lemak tepu...:)


D.N.A.S said...

since I can't eat a lot of things, and the things that I can aren't my favorites; so there goes the appetite. My officemate has lost 9kg after a few months of taking Herbalife.

kena cari bibik mintak tolong masakkan all the healthy food. Yang jual kat kedai semuanya artery clogging.

Kalau ada spaghetti scampi, I pegi!

kalau lemak tepu aku tak risau sangat. Aku takut kalau-kalau lemak tu dah bertukar menjadik plastik je. BTW, spelling kau dah improve lah... heheheheh.

Spena said...

Dayang, If I'm around during weekends, jom kite gi exercise naik bukit kat Bkt Jalil tu!. Aku dah lama teringin tapi takde kawan to do it the 1st time!just tukar angin tempat nak exercise.

Maya said...

cuba minum air belimbing consistently and makan daun seribu hayat buat will lower your BP dengan cepat. insyaallah..

D.N.A.S said...

Spain, aku selalu gak bawak anak2 aku pegi situ sebab diorang nak main kat playground.

ada orang kata air belimbing toxic. Daun seribu hayat tu sama tak dengan daun sambung nyawa?

guess499 said...

Hmm.. at this age mcm2 ada.. i m trying very hard from taking oily, spicy, 'cold', menjalar food etc.. (tapi kadang belasah jugak he he). On the good side, i like soup and porridge; not too bad la..

Anonymous said...


this is my first time reading ur blog. I'm having same problem with u, high cholesterol and LDL. but, i managed to bring down from high risk category to borderline by taking Pristin Omega 3 Fishgel. I'm taking 2 gel per day, one after breakfast (morning on normal day) and one after sahur (dinner on normal day).

all jazzed up said...

Dayang, kat rumah aku ada tanam daun sambung nyawa... If you want I ask my bibik to put in a pot for you.

mummy Darin said...

you've been tagged... good luck

wanshana said...


Sorry to hear about your BP, but it's good that it's detected early.

I'm in a state of denial or takut to find out myself, but in my case it's 'diabetic'.

My Mom is on insulin, my maternal grandparents were both diabetics, all my uncles and aunties on my Mom's side and all my brothers are diabetics...

I had gestational diabetes while carrying all my kids. Chances are - I'll get it (IF I have not got it yet!) Takut nak check (even though we have the gluco machine kat rumah!)

Yang penting - REALLY have to jaga our food intake.

All the best, dear.