Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Of kena tag and wedding anniversary

For mummydarin's tag, here it is:

TAG - Siapa tengah cari keje?
(Ni aku tambah-tambah sikit, saja nak kasi logik. Kalau tak, orang ingat Tak Ada Logika pulak, kan?)

- Jawatan : programmer
- Lokasi :Sg Besi, KL
- Kelayakan - min diploma, tahu n mahir dgn vb6 n mysql
- fresh grad bole apply, tp jgn la bodo kayu sume tak reti teori je lebey. (sebenarnya orang yg terrer teori tu, boleh suruh buat documentation ngan training manual).

- advantage klu ada lesen n kenderaan sendiri n tak kesah klu kene g outstation.. projek satu Malaysia ada client. (kepada applicant, sila tanya mileage punya rate ye... hehehe. Jangan lupa jugak tanya, kalau outstation tu berapa entitlement untuk hotel room. Kalau setakat boleh duduk kat bilik yang RM90 ke bawah, perempuan2 sekalian sila jgn apply untuk keje ni.)

- berminat sila htr resume kat

To Jade and 6kyangel, thanks for tagging but I've done a similar tag some time ago. Here's the link.

However, since I don't want to disappoint my taggers, I still wanna do it but I'm writing some facts about my dear hubby - because today is our 8th wedding anniversary. Woooohooooo!

1. My hubby is a very accommodating man - yeah, that explains how I could spend so much extra hours in the office and frequently having dinner outside. I don't usually cook and used to be a workaholic; but he's okay with it. I'm so lucky.

2. He collects football jerseys - I will snap a photo of his wardrobe full of jerseys one day. I counted them a few weeks back and later found a few more neatly folded in another wardrobe. Have to do a recount this weekend.

3. He can stand annoyingly intelligent women, for example yours truly who sometimes just enjoyed arguing for the sake of having a prolonged fight. Kekekeke.

4. He plans everything carefully - seriously, he's the type that will always check the Street Map of Selangor and Google map before planning a journey to an unfamiliar place to find the best route. But we still got lost sometimes. Hehe.

5. He likes tempe - while I love petai. The both of us can have Sambal Goreng (Jawa style: with lemongrass, coconut milk, prawn, ground nut, anchovies, foochook, soohoon etc) everyday.

6. He is artistic, he loves art and he can draw too. If he's paid off all the mortgage, I think he'll be doing a business that's related to art - online; so that he could have a lot of time browsing for his favorite football Jersey. hehehe. Jangan marah.

7. He doze off really easily. I think he doesn't need a few minutes to wind down like I do. Sometimes even before I could count 1 to 10, he's already in his Dreamland. I'm so jealous and at times bengang la jugak especially when I was telling him about what I did that day and before I knew it he's already snoring.

So, my hubby is not that weird, lah. I'm the weird one in the family, although Shawqi is weirder at times. Wazif is trying hard to look normal, behave normal and wanna please everybody. Maybe someday he'll turn into a politician.

Happy 8th anniversary my dear hubby. I miss you because you're in JayBee.

Hmmm.... maybe I should quit my job and become a homemaker so that I could follow my hubby wherever he goes.


Zara in Germany said...

happy anniversary, k.dayang...

Jade said...

aha! 7 things about you some time ago, might change now. hehe.. tapi tak per... i loike your improvisation.

D.N.A.S said...

thank you.

i'm very consistent, won't change very much one... hehe.

Anonymous said...

"Wazif is trying hard to look normal, behave normal and wanna please everybody. Maybe someday he'll turn into a politician."

Hahah, sgt cute! Hahaha...
Happy Anniversary! :)