Sunday, November 30, 2008

December 2008 resolutions

I have been slacking in my baking and gardening for the past 5 months or so. The laman is now such an eyesore that my aunt winced when she saw it last week. The oven has gathered more dust than my bookshelves. I couldn’t even remember what I baked last. I am not going to come up with an advanced 2009 resolutions. For a change, I’m making a checklist of things to do for December. Let’s not be so ambitious now, I know my limit and capability. I also can anticipate the sudden rush of laziness that can come without warning.

Between 1st and 31st December 2008 I plan to (notice the word ‘plan’ is used instead of ‘will’ because I don’t make empty promises, even to myself.)

1. Bake at least 1 cake or a batch of cupcakes. Will also attend a cake decorating class.
2. Cook at least 5 meals for dinner (5 proper meals – heating up murtabak segera or boiling sausages don’t count). Heh, I’ve been slacking in cooking meals for my family too.
3. Give the TLC needed by my garden including getting rid of the weed that has grown bigger than some plants, replace the soil for most of the pots, buy and feed the plants with fertilizer and most important of all get rid of some of the potted plants (because they’ve been dead for more than 3 months!)
4. Make more room in the kitchen cabinet by relocating most of the old plastic containers, bottles, pans and whatnots. I know it has never been about storage problem; it’s always housekeeping issues that cluttered my mind most of the times.

Well, okay… enough for now and even those 4 items are way more ambitious than my 2008 resolutions. Anyway, did I make any? I’m still trying to remember.

If kemalasan masih melanda, I'd just settle with fake flowers aje lah...

By the way, that's the night stand flower in Che'gu Yati's kamar pengantin. I went to her wedding in Skudai, JB on Saturday, and was really glad to meet a few of my friends from college days. The girls have grown into women. We started gossipping right after the handshakes and cipika-cipiki (that's Cium Pipi Kanan, Cium Pipi Kiri uols!) Yeah, we are that mature now.

While the bride and groom was busy with their makan beradap, the girls and I  crashed the newlyweds' room.

Well, you know what they say.... old habits die hard. I used to crash Che'gu Yati's room during my college days, I found it appropriate to crash her bilik pengantin. Hehe. When we were 18 we used to cram in Che'gu Yati (and Nyah's) room whenever we felt like it. They had the most welcoming room in the whole of UPM. Food was always available, and whenever they ran out of stock, one of us would go down to the small college co-op convenient shop to buy bags of keropok, kerepek and biskut. No need to ask the secret of balooning anymore now, will you?

Nyah didn't change a bit. All smiles and laughter and warm as ever. Besides being one of the permanent 'musafir' in her room, I also used to borrow Nyah's sweater when it's chilly. (UPM was ever chilly? I must be kidding myself then.)

Took picture with Che'gu Yati after the makan beradap. I like her make-up, very natural and made her look like herself. I just hate some Mak Andam who always tried to make the bride look different. At times, I couldn't even recognize the brides. No wonder some people went to the wrong wedding.

Che'gu Yati and the lucky groom. Hey, it was not easy winning Che'gu Yati's heart, okay! Like they say - best man win. Hope to meet Che'gu Yati junior soon.


deq said...

dayang...thanks for the photos. lepas rindu... tapi yanty & arrow tak pegi ker? che'gu yati sangat cantik...

YMY said...

U just reminded me that I've been slacking in Items 2-4 too..*sigh*

D.N.A.S said...

Yanty, Sue, Arrow and Mel takde. Yanty dok busy marking exam papers. Arrow and Mel tak sure pulak kenapa. Sue tak datang sebab Mey tak cuti kot.

December is a good month for doing 'checkpoints' hehehe.

Jade said...

u know what... if you managed to get the cupcakes done.. you COULD send it to my house... hehehehe... *wink* *wink*

D.N.A.S said...

maybe I should be baking on the 19th Dec, kan? kan? kan? Sesuai tak?

Jade said...

19th? what happens on that day?

Nour said...

very ambitious there :-P
anyways good luck with the TO DO list. I pun banyak benda tak buat lagi ni..Will be starting year 2009 with a new job so need to settle A LOT of things in Dec 2008..Sigh!