Sunday, December 07, 2008

Satu Malam di Kelab COBRA

I worked on the Saturday when my other friends were rushing their way going back to kampung. It was very unfair and I really hated the last minute plan. I didn't know whose idea was that to have a power maintenance on a long festive weekend. The Project Manager only informed me on Thursday morning after I've approved the whole team's leave application. Since I was not planning to take extra leave I had to volunteer (secara paksa rela) to replace my engineers for the activity on Saturday. Chaissss!

After having dinner and failed to mingle with the rest of the Liverpool fans (yeah, kami sangat pemalu, kami tidak berusaha untuk mingle-mingle pun sebenarnya) at about 9-ish I went to the washroom. When I came out everybody was kepoh-kepoh because the VIPs had all arrived. My hubby and I rushed to the back entrance to join the crowd. Little that we know the rest of the players were about to enter the club from there. So, I was in the middle blocking their entrance, every player who headed towards the table had to brush shoulders with me. Hehehehe. Imagine, kalau Torres ngan Gerrard pun ada that night, it would be history le.... kan? 

But I couldn't help but notice their height. They're not that tall, except for a few. I asked my hubby, if those ex-players were that short, how short is Owen? My hubby told me that Owen is about his height. Hehehe, iyelah tu. Brad Pitt pun is about his height and so does Tom Cruise....  

Yang banyak uban tu Ian Rush. Yang lelain tu, kengkawan dia jugak lah. (Don't ask me their names sebab aku memang tak tau). Hehehe.

Peminat Liverpool memang fanatic. Ambik gambar tak ingat dunia.

The Liverpool veterans strategizing the next day's match. Yeah, they had a match on Sunday but we were not able to join sebab balik kampung leee... Kalau aku main ngan diorang, mesti aku kena jadik striker, kan?

Saya ada jacket merah. Hari-hari saya pakai bila pegi data center. It was a damn hot night and I was in this. Saja le nak outstanding konon, lagipun the red Adidas Liverpool shirt I was wearing inside, rupanya ada sorang Apek pun was wearing the same one. Since I taknak boria ngan apek tu, I remain zipped up walaupun paneh nak mampuih.

Peminat tegar Liverpool. He's the only one wearing this jersey that night. It's a training jersey, I think and I still couldn't make out the color, though. Kelabu asap ke hitam cair? Ntah. Anyway, his mission was accomplished sebab the jerseys he brought that night berjaya di autograph oleh pemain-pemain veteran Liverpool itu belaka. (Although we only recognize 1an Rush punya autograph sebab dia eja nama dia sebijik-sebijik).


john f seademon said...

Thanks god (as one dumb CEO would say) you guys are not supporting that over-rated glamour club. I don't care much about which team you throw your support long as it is not that team.

D.N.A.S said...

I was so into football back in the 80s when I was in primary school. The fever stopped when I started schooling in STF (because of basketball and not to forget Moero Attack series). I started watching football again during the 2006 World Cup. I don't really follow EPL. I only watch when hubby does.
But sometimes I do watch that over-rated glamor club because despite having lorat-nak-mampus supporters, I think they play quite well. But still, I'm not their fan. And I am not that fanatic over Liverpool either - I just like the merchandise .... and Gerard ... and Torres ... and Kuyt .... and Benayoun ... and sometimes, Rafa the man himself. Hehehehe.

hazyr said...

"Anyway, his mission was accomplished sebab the jerseys he brought that night berjaya di autograph oleh pemain-pemain veteran Liverpool itu belaka"

Adehh..saya sgt jealous!

D.N.A.S said...

erk, jeles ke....? Janganlah... Nanti kalau ada game Man U lwn Liverpool kita gi tengok beramai-ramai kat umah Leymah, nak? Hehehehe.... walaupun Leymah tak penah ajak, tapi kite tau kat umah dia ada projector TV!!!!!