Saturday, December 13, 2008

This day, 6 years ago.....

I was lying on the Operating Table in SJMC. The table was really cold, I felt like running out of the OT. Although it was my second C-sect, I couldn't remember anything from my first one because I was then under G.A. When the long needle poked my back, in between my vertebrae I clenched my teeth and made a straight face. A few minutes later I couldn't feel my legs.

The gynae came in and started making incision almost immediately. Oh yes, she did asked how I was feeling that morning. Throughout the whole procedure the gynae and the nurses were chatting lively; gossipping mostly. I thought of participating especially when they started talking about celebrity gossips but decided not to as I found it inappropriate. The patient was supposed to be shutting her mouth up and looked nervous, right? Otherwise everyone in the OT would be too complacent.

In less than 5 minutes, Shawqi came into the world. I couldn't see him clearly and definitely couldn't hear his voice. My eyes followed the nurse who brought Shawqi for cleaning. Once he felt the water splashing on his body he let out a very long and loud cry. He only stopped after the nurse put the blanket around him and showed his face to me. I looked at him in confusion as he didn't resemble any of us: not me, nor his father and definitely not his elder brother.

The nurse asked whether I wanted to kiss him. Being intubated and with a gynae busy stitching my abdomen, I found it difficult. I told the nurse I'd kiss him later and I regretted the minute the nurse took him away. What kind of mother who refused to kiss her newborn? That was the moment I realized my post-partum depression has started.

Well, the whole almost meroyan episodes could occupy 20MB of Blogger storage, so I shall refrain myself from writing about it until I'm granted about 3GB. Hehehe... who knows.... Blogger Boleh!

So, today Shawqi is 6 and Alhamdulillah he is healthy and as normal as any other child. He'll start his primary 1 on 3rd Jan 2009. I wish him luck.

Ben 10 is his favorite cartoon series. Initially I thought there were only 10 aliens but now it sees like more aliens are coming from nowhere.

Shawqi, Wazif and cousins at Salak Tinggi. All admiring the Ben 10 cake with edible image.

Shawqi, cousins and nenek impatiently waiting for the KFC to be brought out of the kitchen.

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Odie said...

heheh.. apa lagi kak dayang. tambah sorang princess plak.. hero2 semua dah bosar ;-)