Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I support Majlis Fatwa

Spit on me, beat me, sue me for I have to support Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan. This entry has been in draft mode for several days and I think the issues are rather 'basi' by now. At first, I thought maybe I should write something about Abby's and Norman's marriage but decided not to as I have my own marriage to look after. According to my mom, 'sila jaga kelambu sendiri'. We don't know what happened inside their 'kelambu', so let's not comment much. I read somewhere that the fatwa on Yoga will be announced by the end of this week, so I thought, let me just publish this draft.

I'll not write about Yoga, I don't have enough reference and haven't done enough research. My principle is simple, if you don't have in depth knowledge about something, don't bother to participate in the arguments related to the subject. Just sit down quietly in front of the PC and click on other blog links.

However, an author published this writing tip at her website some time ago: Write about things that you know or something that you'd like to know more. So, I decided maybe I should write about the dress code for female Muslims. Not sure whether the fatwa is out but I feel a fatwa will be redundant as the 'aurat' guideline is clearly stated in the Quran itself.

If additional guidelines are to be handed out to every female Muslim in this country they might come complete with illustrations with detail measurements.

We are one jumpy society. When the news was first published in local papers, almost everyone jumped and I think we jumped too quickly; many people questioned it too. Many got the impression it's going to be unfair to many women. But many of us forgot that we were judging the whole thing based on a few paragraphs of news. Did we know the whole idea Majlis Fatwa was coming up with? Maybe not. Did we get to read the complete proposal? No, I didn't get to read it.

IMHO, the 'dressing like a male' Majlis Fatwa was referring to might be similar to the following picture (yes, Majlis Fatwa... a few images or illustrations might come in handy if new guidelines are to be produced):

Is that a girl?
Is that a boy?
Is that a girlboy?
Rather confusing, isn't it?

Human being human, at times we do have a certain funny feeling towards another person of a similar gender (but we don't necessarily have to act on it).

But, if the girl in the picture above started acting like a dude, moves like a dude and could charm the girls better than any other dude, some girl might end up acting on her funny feelings.

But you can't tell a lesbo only by judging her physical appearance, because I've met girls who are pretty and dress like the girl in the following picture who are lesbos. And their partners are as pretty.

Whatever it is, dudes... it's your loss.


Idlan said...

I sort of checked with a Majlis Fatwa member on the pengkid fatwa. The fatwa itself was on pengkids; english translation: butch lesbians. Sampai dekat the Star dah jadi Tomboy, sampai dekat Reuters dah jadi ban on wearing trousers.

Pengkids, based on my discussion with said member, are those were born as women but lead lives as men. I got the impression that he meant the whole package : awek / bini, dressing, rambut gonjeng, barut data etc. In effect, denying that they are women; i.e. melawan fitrah. Somewhere along the line someone decided this meant tak boleh pakai seluar panjang, and tak boleh panjat pokok etc. Wallahu'alam.

Although I did say to said Council member, bagi up la sikit PR ni. Buat ruling biar ada press statement, bukan interview aje, nanti orang misquote. And yes, publish la reasoning behind it, and dari mana unjuran dan kesimpulan tu dibuat. Tak tahu la dia amik pot ke tak. Harap-harap ye. Sedih tengok orang berilmu diperlekehkan.

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john f seademon said...

I know of butch lesbians who wear tudung and baju kurung daily.


D.N.A.S said...

harus di'forum'kan dengan panjang lebar kat TV, kan? Asyik forum politik je..... Lama-lama rasa macam nothing else matters more than politics dah kat Malaysia ni.

itupun melawan fitrah gak. Nak buat camno, cinta itu buta....

Zinndra said...

Salam DNAS,

When I read in the paper about the fatwa regarding "woman dressing like a man is haram", I told my husband that it is timely and the Fatwa Council is very much observant of what is happening nowadays, especially among youngsters.

For those who are aware of the Muslim dress code, it may sound redundant and others who are into human rights would say something like, it is against woman's rights and suppressing woman's individuality. But the thing is, it is every muslim's responsibility to remind those who are misguided on what is acceptable or not, based on the teachings of Islam. And the reminders need some teeth, like the Fatwa. (If I may add, Muslims should find effective ways on how to instill good values among the youth, not by way of controlling, but by making them understand the foundation of morality).

Let me share my experience during my first few months here in Malaysia. (Btw, I come from a Christian majority country). When I transferred here a year ago, I met this group, whom I thought are just purely friends and enjoying each others' company. Then I noticed some are wearing dress like a man and act like a man, in short, tomboys. Then one of the group's members told me that they are actually couple. Accordingly, same sex relationship (girl-girl) is becoming rampant and they say it is now the trend. It was a shocker to me. As a Muslim, I was disturbed, especially after I knew that they are also claiming as Muslims and some of their partners are even wearing headscarf. These misguided youths are professional and successful in their chosen field.

So I probed around, not to judge them but out of curiosity, then I found out that the girls are attracted to the macho girls because they know how to handle relationship well.

Whatever it is and no matter how good the justification is, it is still not right.

all jazzed up said...

Yeah, I think the media tends to oversimplify and sensationalize things. Coupled with the lack of PR of Majlis Fatwa. So everyone ends up not understanding each other.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Shane is so hot ok! :D Just incase you don't know.. tu Shane tu, yang tak tau dia lelaki atau perempuan. Well, the right term is andro. Not a femme and not a butch, something in between.

I heart Shane so much.