Monday, November 24, 2008

When Comment Moderation Is Not an Issue

I know I have a few tags to do but I have to get this message through first.

Notice a new link in my blogroll? That’s the controversial P1ahZad0ra’s which was mentioned by Sarcy in her blog two weeks ago. I first read this blog out of curiosity as it was condemning a few female bloggers I know in real life.

We wouldn’t know for sure whether all the writing is true or mere allegations. The blog owner could be anyone, I couldn’t guess who. One thing for sure the blogger has been in the blogosphere for quite sometime. Some of the blogs mentioned are now defunct but I remember reading them back in 2004/2005. Whoever the blogger is doesn’t really matter but the entries and the discussions in the comment box are very interesting and educational

Many male bloggers (females too) are exposed in the entries here. Besides condemning (and giving credits to a few blogs) readers get to learn a thing or two about the reality of blogging life vs real life, something that I don’t really bother keeping updated with for the past few years. For me blogging is just writing and sharing of news and thoughts.

It never occurred to me (or it was just me who preferred to stay in a denial state) that blogs are also used as a platform to hit on girls/guys. Although my dear friend, Jazz ended up marrying another blogger I still couldn’t bring myself to accept the fact that there are many abusers as well.

It’s a good thing these abusers are exposed by P1ahZad0ra and friends. New bloggers, especially girls please note down the blogger IDs mentioned as well as their well known tactics so that you’ll not fall into the trap.

It saddened me to read about how easily the lady bloggers could be fooled by made up stories, almost perfect English and impressive Avatars. I know many women resort to blogging when they are down and rather vulnerable. These guys: opportunists and rather clever (but most of them chickened out once exposed) are giving the blogosphere a really bad name.

Flirting or courting in the cyber space is acceptable as many of the single guys these days are just to shy to approach girls in public – face to face. But when the net is abused by husbands or wives who are seeking ‘extra’ entertainment, it really pisses me off. And it pisses me off even more when the victims are educated, matured females. It's a wonder what loneliness can do to human. I hope all the female victims would come forward and share their experiences (at P1ahZad0ra’s blog, not here, of course) so that we could teach those guys a thing or two. To the guys, remember rule number 1: WOMEN TALK!


Anonymous said...

All bloggers should adhere to the bloggers' code of conduct. There are plenty to refer to in the web. Wikipedia has one very good reference.

D.N.A.S said...

Ok, I'll be Wikipedia-ing soon.
BTW, are you a cyber trooper? hehehehe.