Friday, April 24, 2009

Aku Budak Kampung Kau Budak Kampung - Part 2

I strongly believe that one of the best Tourism Ministry-DBP Joint Venture efforts would be to produce a simple translation book for tourists. We want more foreigners to come and visit the country, so let’s not just be happy with just educating them on saying Terima Kasih, Selamat Pagi and Jom Makan. It would be more beneficial if they could learn the Bahasa Daerah as well.

Besides being able to produce more reference books, we’ll also get to document our very own Daerah words which I’m sure nobody has ever made any effort to write them down – even in our very own private journal.

As a Malaysian citizen (who has voted twice during PRU) I feel obliged to document some of the Daerah words widely used in Bera, Pahang. Tourists coming to Bera can always refer to my blog should they need to search for some of the words.
Well, it would be best if I could have all these translated to French, Latin and German but I only know some English. So, here are some of the words most commonly used in my kampong.
My first installment of ‘Mari belajar bahasa Daerah Bera’ can be found here.

Wok me
Meaning: You all
Example of usage: Wok me datanglah ke rumah koi pukul 11.30 karang, boleh tolong basuh pinggan.

Meaning : loitering, hanging around in a group doing nothing
Example of usage: Janganlah asyik bertebeng nunggu simpang ni, apa kata wok me pegi masuk PLKN?

Meaning: appropriate time
Example of usage: “Seman, jadi-jadilah main bola tu. Dah Maghrib ni, bukannya perentan nak terkinja-kinja tengah padang tu,” Makwe Limah menjerit kepada anaknya Seman dengan nada yang sangat marah.

Meaning: of women sitting with widely spread legs that their undies are showing
Example of usage: Orang kabor, Munah tu tak berapa betullah otaknya, kalau dia pegi kenduri, tengah-tengah orang ramai te lah dia duduk melukoh.

Meaning: too particular or being too calculative
Example of usage: Dollah te memang keme’en orangnya, sebab tu payoh nok ngajok dia datang nolong masa khenduri tapi dengor kabornya ada orang nak lantik dia jadi Bendahari Pemuda, elok sangatlah tu.

Meaning: have tendency to break down and cry, over sensitive
Example of usage: Anak Leman yang lelaki te chengengeng mengalahkan budak perempuan. Lembik mengalahkan bapuk pulak te.

Hantu paku
Meaning: of people who always need to follow/tag along with another person, group.
Of people who tends to become copycats.
Example of usage: Hantu paku betullah awok ni. Kome pegi Giant, awok nak ngikut. Kome pegi Bali awok nak ngikut. Kome beli selipar merah, awok beli juga yang sama.


dillazag said...

OMG Kak Dayang!!!! i was rolloing on the floor laughing..
Mostly saya tak pernah dengar, save for chengenggeng and wok me.. Penggunaan ayat tu yang tak tahan tu..
Awok te... Popalleh!!!
Love this.. I am reproducing tagging it in my blog so that my sisters can read and educate themselves!

Roz Razalli said...


dnas, stumbled upon your blog by mistake... and loving it!

I bukan org pahang, tp pernah belajar kat kuantan... my BFF from Jerantut.. so ada laa belajar sikit2 from her... and yes, you damn funny, girl!