Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some hapdets

Just had rice with masak lemak nenas and ikan masin for lunch and now feeling really not up to anything. Can I just curl up here at my cubicle, on my chair (that suddenly feels extra comfy today) and listen to Mariah Carey on iTunes.... and then silently fall asleep without anyone noticing? Wah, bertuah kalau dapat buat camtu.
I'm supposed to have a meeting right after lunch but only received a noticed that it was canceled a few minutes ago. Damn, if only they informed me earlier .....

So, have you gone to the Book Fair at PWTC? I went on Sunday and it was packed - looked a lot like PC fair. However, at a closer look the jam packed area was only around the booths of publishers of Buku Kerja, Buku Latihan and buku Ulangkaji Peperiksaan. The booths which sold technical books and tertiary education reference books semuanya lengang-lengang aje. So, tell me again are all the parents still obsessed with their kids' exams? The answer is obviously 'YES'. Even I tried to persuade the kids to choose some exercise books for Primary 1 and 2 but both of them refused (sebab diorang tau nanti balik-balik diorang yang banyak kena buat keje, pastu tak boleh tengok Cartoon Network).

In the end, we only bought a Sahibba set and a construction book set (it's a book filled with pieces of a windmill and a park which you have to construct, lah). Obviously, the latter was Shawqi's choice.

Now I am not sure whether I should follow the footsteps of the other Kiasu parents to start registering my kids for tuitions. After 4 months of schooling this year I realized that Wazif is not getting on very well with his Maths while Shawqi is still very poor in spelling (both Malay and English). It would be good if I have the extra time to drill them with Maths and spelling exercises tapi, sebab akupun malas maka semua itu hanya tinggal plan sajalah. Aku bukan setakat malas, aku sebenarnya menyampah tengok buku sekolah akibat selalu sangat dipaksa pegi Prep masa kat STF dulu. Hehehe... Let's hope both my kids would never find this blog entry, ok.

Oh, I just found out that neither of them are learning History at school. Wazif knew about the Mahsuri legend from his Bahasa Malaysia teacher who just happened to be in the mood to tell the story to his class last week. In that case I'll just use Tunku Halim's encyclopedia to teach them about Malaysia history. By the way, Tunku Halim's encyclopedia is written in English, so I'll still need to find the time to read and discuss with the kids. That means I'll need to sacrifice either Merlin or CSI NY or Knight Rider show in order to free up my time slot. My TV time is important but so does the kids' education .... hehehe.

To all mothers, check your kids' school bag today. It might surprise you to learn so many new things (contohnya, ada chewing gum yang kawan dia kasi, ada toy yang you tak beli, their incomplete exercises, homework yang dia pura-pura tak ingat etc).


dillazag said...

so true..
i found my boy's homework yang dia "Ops, I forgot mom" - banyak helai pulak tu... hihihihihi

eyna said...

I like the last para tu.

masa my kids in their 1st and 2nd year, i mmg rajin check their bags. when comes to 4th and 5th year, mcm dah tak kuasa nak check dah sampailah dpt call from the school they didnt do their homework. baru terhegeh2 nak buat checking balik.. hampeh...

YMY said...

K. Dayang,

I share your issues too haha. For a super-busy-makan-gaji-tapi-cam-hamba like me, I hardly have the time to scrutinise their school work. But I buy them all the buku kerja and get them to spend 1-2 hours during weekends to finish it, pastu i jadi cikgu and mark their exercises. Both me and hubby decided it's not time to send them to tuition yet till UPSR yr. Now's the time for them to enjoy school and have a balanced life. Alhamdulillah so far they're progress is good ;)and I couldn't ask for more.

D.N.A.S said...

usually 'Oooops, I forgot mom..' is followed by a drama la pulak, kan?

your kids' teacher seems caring enough to give the parents a call. Bagus jugaklah. Sekolah mana ni?

D.N.A.S said...

I am not so sure about this school my kids attend. Last sem and this sem's exam results haven't reach me yet. I received the exam papers and their marks but I don't know their positions in class. I'm contemplating a visit to the staff room.
Or should I just come up with my own version of exam papers?

eyna said...

oh yes. this school in sect 9 SA seems to be very caring when comes to students education.

when the kids dont bring their books or didnt do their homework etc, they are to write their 'offences' in a log book and after few times with same offences tu, mak pak depa yg jadi anxious when see "school calling" on their hp :D

YMY said...

ayoh, nampak sangat curi2 masuk blog orang sambil buat kerja, spelling "their" pun salah kat my comment tu hehe!
Well, just beli je buku kerja UPSR for their respective year kat kedai buku and get d kids to complete the exercises. That's how I know their level of understanding and progress at school. Tak yah buat exam sendiri unless u rajin arr..