Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Makcik pregger series: The hormones

I’m not lazy; I’m just not inspired to write. And when I do write, I don’t know how to end it. *Sigh*

Or could it be the Sangoba1on side effects? Because these days I can do Maths in my head better than typing words on the keyboard. Weird things happen to your body and mind when you’re pregnant. Weird things also happen to men who look pregnant or have beer belly, hehehe. Oh, I enjoy scaring them.

One of my colleagues has started being lazy and missed gym sessions. One day we saw a very pregnant woman crossing the road near our office. So, my lazy colleague noticed the woman and made a remark, ‘Look, she’s so pregnant her bellybutton is protruding underneath her shirt.’ Sensing he’s going to make some unfunny remark towards me, I told him ‘ If you continue on missing your gym sessions, your bellybutton will start protruding soon when your tummy grows uncontrollably big.’ So, he shut his mouth.

Other than body and mind, pregnancy hormones are affecting my tongue as well. I am not usually the ‘so laser’ type (oh, that reminds me to do that laser quiz on FB today), but these days I am worse than 1fa Raziah or Shira or even Azwan Al1. I am so laser I can cut through glass ceiling. Well, at least top management now replies to all my emails almost immediately. That’s a good sign? Noooo…. When top management replies your emails so promptly, they also include additional tasks for you to deliver. Oh, man… can’t you see how pregnant I am? How can you overload me? Well the bad news is my tummy is still not showing. Not showing at all. I can still wear all my jeans and blouses and all those figure hugging shirts, too.

I haven’t even bought anything from Modern Mum or Mothercare because I don’t need them yet. It’s a good thing though, because I haven’t swiped my plastic cards for more than a month now. My friends have started asking on when to start buying baby stuffs. I just shrugged my shoulders because I actually forgot to ask the gynae what was the baby’s sex during my last check-up. It’s been so long since my last pregnancy that I don’t remember all those details anymore. I even asked the gynae on when the baby’s going to be hyper active. Yeah, doing all those summersault when you’re watching TV or driving or just trying to have a peaceful tea break. (Well, I lied… I still have twice coffee breaks a day. Don’t like tea at all now.)

If you’ve read any of those pregnancy guide books, you must know by now that caffeine is not good for you and the baby. Well, you know what… in my case I still need coffee! I tried going caffeine-free for the whole week after my first check-up and I ended up lying flat on the bad throughout the weekend. So, the morning after, I took 2 mugs of coffee in the office and I was energized and managed to function normally.

So, regardless of what’s written in the thousands of books available off the shelves, we still have to listen to our body. But, remember the mind is very much controlled by the hormones during this time. Always remember to think twice or thrice when it comes to food intake. A few weeks ago, my team mate who is also pregnant and has been having a very difficult first trimester was admitted to the hospital after consuming three plates of BBQ lamb. I can’t really blame her as it was the only food that she could eat. She has been throwing up since the day she conceived up until now. So, when she found something edible and didn’t make her puke, she just ‘belasah’ like nobody’s business. But, she got a very long lecture from the gynae.

Since I also go to the same gynae and now I know how ‘garang’ she can be, I decided not to join the durian feast organized by another colleague. Better safe than sorry, hehehehe. BTW, my colleague who was admitted to hospital had to fork out about RM800!!!!! Just because of the 3 plates of lamb….

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mummy Darin said...

apa - apa jelah kak.. tapi camner dia boleh makan 3 plates of lamb tu.. amat mencabar betul.. he.he..